Friday, April 24, 2015

Luminisce Acne Cure Program

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It’s about time! I’ve been absent here in this blog for quite a long time already because of tons of life-switch moments which I have to take seriously and handle strictly. Those moments which I am not allowed making any more mistakes. I said “tons” because it really is! I could break it down one by one but it might bore you so I will just share a few. One of those moments I was babbling about is my graduation. I mean, like F-I-N-A-L-L-Y!! I kept on transferring schools since high school so it’s quite a loooong journey for me to finally get out of student life and finish college! I have seen almost all of my elementary and high school friends have already their own job and few are even parents now! They are already enjoying and living another chapter of their lives while I was trapped in Chapter 1 of my own book. That is why I consider my graduation a major life-switch moment. After my grad, everything will be a whole new me in a whole new world. Another level of challenges ahead but I know I can make it through just how I did in the past. Right now, I am just happy and contented….. aaand I got a job! Yay!
Anyway, my topic really for today is to share with you another life-switch moment which I am truly grateful to experience and that is how Luminisce changed me in terms of health, beauty, and confidence! If you remember, I did an acne cure program with them because of my pimple outbreak after my thesis. I had undergone several treatments and I am very happy about the result. You can read the details about my treatments here, and here
Today I want to show you how my face looked like before. It was totally gross back then and I was too shy to go out or even take a selfie. As a matter of fact, I even cut my hair into bangs just to hide my pimples in my forehead. See the photos below and see how Luminisce worked its magic in me.
BEFORE & DURING  (treatment)
These photos are neither filtered nor photo-shopped. It’s all raw photos of mine before, during, and after the treatments. I am soo happy and thankful to Dra. Kaycee Reyes for helping me get rid of my pimples. I am really happy about the result. Right now, I am more than confident and happy every time I go out of my house. It’s truly is a life-switch moment which I will always be grateful of.
If you have the same skin problem like mine, don’t hesitate to visit Dra. Kaycee Reyes at Luminisce clinic in Bonifacio Global City. Their clinic is at the second floor of mercury drug building across St. Luke’s Hospital. First consultation is FREE!
For more information about my treatments with them, kindly read my previous article on the links below:

You could visit and follow Luminisce on these following sites:

Luminisce official website |
 Dra. Kaycee's Instagram |

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dress Sandals

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It's crazy how the weather is scorching hot right now! Summer is totally here especially if you live in a tropical country like I do. We have longer summer days here compared to European countries. Though summer is sometimes irritatingly hot, I still got to enjoy it because I get to go to beautiful beaches, walk on powdery sand, drink some buko juice and plunge into to sea waters! I actually have a looonng list of summer activities I wanna try, like surfing, wake boarding, go banana boat ride, etc. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Guide to Discount Shopping in Philippines

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If you are one of those savvy customers who likes to shop online, there is a simple way to get at least 10% off everything. Discount coupons can give you huge savings on all things you buy online from fashion apparel to kid’s toys and from electronics to luxury watches. Here is a brief description about the best places to find such voucher codes and range of discount you can avail.

Instant Glam Hair

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Graduation month is finally here and I am sure most of you girls who are about to graduate from college and highschool are giddy about marching the stage to get your diplomas. It is ofcourse one on the much awaited event in our lives hence, we look forward to a great celebration for this moment. And when we say celebration, ofcourse it needs proper preparation; from the dress we are about to wear, the make-up look we wanted to pull-off, upto the hair-do we wanted to achieve. It needs a major glam plan!---and you could start it with your hair.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

A dash of HYGGE

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When the Holiday season comes, there are a few things we appreciate. We love the fact that we finally have some time which we can spend together with our family. Naturally, who doesn't love the presents? Of course, this is a great time of the year because of all the treats and candies that we make during this period. It would be nice if it was Christmas during the whole year.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Design Your Own Dress

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Online shops are quite mainstream nowadays and with hundreds or even thousands of them on the web, we do understand how difficult it is to standout above the crowd and create your own name or identity. But if you find one that is absolutely unique, consider yourself a lucky one because it must be a really special and a one in a million shop. Personally, through my blog, I have encountered a lot of online shops that sells dresses, gowns, and ready to wear garments but never did I expect to find a special shop where in you can design your own dress, pick your own fabric, style it out whatever your hearts desire and have it delivered right at your doorstep. Yes, we do have a lot of services like this one in our local community like those dressmaking shops, but I have never heard of the same services offered online until I came across 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Simply Elegant

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Every girl dreams of a perfect evening party experience. A night of glitters and glamour. One night where awkward and shy girls turn into lovely ladies in their own right. Every girl deserves a wonderful night of being celebrated for her beauty, individuality, and uniqueness. A perfect party experience begins with a perfect choice for an evening dress. A perfect night dress does not have to be all flashy and fancy.
Elegance is the key. It comes with how one carries herself. A dress exudes elegance when it fits your style and if you're comfortable in it. So, find that perfect dress that will make you feel good and pretty. If you have no idea where to find one, below are few suggestions I collected from Weddingshe. They have a lot of cheap yet elegant evening dresses so, I am sure you'll like it, especially if you are on a budget.