Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What's "IN" my Bag?

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Recently there have been a lot of challenges that surfaces the net and my fave has to be the “what’s in my bag” challenge. I love getting some inspirations from the instagram photos of my fave fashion icons especially their flatlays of go-to essentials and what’s inside their purse. It has become my ultimate reference guide of essential items. Joining the fad, I decided to create my own list with a little twist. Instead of showing the entire clutter inside my bag (which actually is a total mess), I will be sharing only few items which think is “IN” my bag! (hence the title of this article (^-^)

Monday, August 17, 2015

Travelogue: Art in Island 3D Museum

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Are you that kind of person who's easily bored with museums? Are you tired of seeing warnings that says "do not touch" on paintings? Do you also get sad and disappointed when taking photos are not allowed inside? I feel the same way too. I love to examine things, feel it, touch it and took memories from it but we could seldom do this at museums. Which is why when I heard about Art in Island Museum in Cubao, I was excited to experience it.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Saturated Heart

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Photos by Pao Salandanan
Its been a while since my last outfit post so I thought of posting one today. These photos were taken when I still had my long hair which explains why I could bun it up like this. Probably these photos lingered on my laptop for almost 2 years now and I was reminded lately that no matter how much we keep things organized and take care of our memories, there will always be a chance that we might lost it. Speaking of memories, my beloved hard drive just gave up on me last night and I was in total panic. All my files and memories are in it and I just can't swallow it in if I totally lost the entire content of it. Currently, I am trying to retrieve it and praying that it will be fixed and I could salvage my files. On the brighter note, I am thankful that this blog somehow became my memory drive for almost 4 years now. Almost all of my photos from the hard drive were uploaded here so I am a little hopeful because though I may lost my raw files in my HD, I still have my memories written in here coupled with photos (tho I still need the entire album huhu).

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Webstyle: BOOTiful Wears by Shoespie

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Every time I scan through Shoespie's website, I always find something to splurge on. Hence, we will be featuring new discoveries from them on today's webstyle feature. If you remembered, we already featured Shoespie here in Seventhbliss and a lot of my readers have been asking about their beautiful heels. This time though, let me share another amazing collections that you will surely love. Their super kawaii casual shoes and cheap sexy booties for women. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Webstyle: Dress Ideas for Flower Girls

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I am sure you have already heard about Weddingshe. We have collaborated with them in the past and their products never fail to impress us. That's why, we bring you for today's webstyle feature : Weddingshe! Needless to say, they have the most beautiful and wide array of wedding apparels. They got all you need for your dream wedding. From Bride's wedding gown, to bridesmaid dresses and now, they too have gorgeous dress and gown collections for our little ones! Have a glimpse of their very affordable and cheap flower girl dresses. Checkout some of their wonderful pieces below.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Welcome to My Home

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My quest in life is to travel and explore every nooks of the world. And I have already started a handful of adventures in Luzon and Visayas and few travels abroad. My passion for travel was ignited few years back when I started blogging. If you have been following this blog, I am sure I have already mentioned that I've always wanted to start a travel blog. But due to lack of budget and since I was still studying back then, I ventured on fashion blog instead. Now that I have graduated and found a job, this dream was rekindled.

Travel Guide: Places to go in Tagaytay

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Tagaytay is probably one of the most common places in the Philippines which is usually visited by a massive influx of both local and foreign tourists yearly. It is also the best place to unwind and escape from the city life especially if you are residing in the scorching Metro Manila. Tagaytay is blessed with cool and breezy environment which is one of the reason why people frequent this place. Some may consider it a mini Baguio. Another pride of Tagaytay are the stunning views of the mountains, the sea, and of course the world famous Taal Volcano. I have been to this place innumerable times and have also written numerous travel blogs about it so I thought of sharing a list of places to go in Tagaytay. Make sure to visit these places if you happen to visit.
Have a dose of adrenaline rush at this mini amusement park in Tagaytay and hop on the tallest Ferris wheel in the Philippines.