Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Raffles Design Institute: ASCENT2015

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GRADUATION FASHION SHOW & EXHIBIT. Last June 27, 2015 , we were so honored to be invited at the Dusit Thani Hotel for the Graduation of Raffles Design Institute. Raffles is one of the leading fashion and arts school here in Manila  and to see the products of their graduates at first hand is such an amazing experience. During the event, graduates from varied courses showcased their masterpieces. There are paintings, artworks, furniture, couture, paintings and of course the most awaited fashion show of their young designers.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Raffles Design Institute: Learn, Design, Innovate!

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Heyguys! I know you’re here in Seventhbliss because of the latest fashion trends and styles. Well here’s another reason, we will give you a tour on what Raffles Design Institute today and what they had in-store for all of you. Last week we were invited to an open house in Raffles Design Institute in Makati. They offered a free seminar on fashion and photography. And hearing from one of the International Fashion institute is such an honor for us.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Play Day

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Okay so basically, I am struggling on what title i should name to this post because I felt like I'm totally lost right now because of the amount of work we have in the office. My boss is flying out of the country for a month tomorrow so he stressed us with tons of deadlines and submissions today. I am currently embracing the moment of peace and quite hahaha because tomorrow is the start of a month long stressed free day. LOL. Okay going back to today's look, I would like to share these photos that we took long time ago. I never really meant to share this here before because I thought we didn't have any decent photos during that day. We actually scheduled another shoot for this one. (see here). Recently though, I saw it, decided to have a quick scan and actually find it worth sharing. So here it is... What do you think of this look?

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Webstyle: Bandage Bikinis

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And were back to our Webstyle feature! Today we bring you some sexy goodness from Kissmiss, an online haven for bodycons, sexy dresses, and unique bikinis! Summer must be probably over from other parts of the world but for a tropical baby like me who lives in the tropics, it's summer whole year round. And it such a joy to actually discover these sexiest bandage bikinis from Kissmiss. I was actually in awe when i stumbled upon their site because they have a lot of wonderful pieces and the sexiest ones too. Wish I have a bikini bod tho.huhu. But for summer babies out there, we have picked our top 3 bandage bikinis which might interest you as well. Here we go...

Through the Lens: World's Oldest Chinatown

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Hello every one, we would like to introduce to you our newest category here in Seventhbliss called "Through the Lens" wherein I will showcase some photographs from my photography album. In this category, we will also discuss our travels, behind the scenes of our photo-shoots and a backstage glimpse of our adventures together. Our aim is to show you the beauty of the Philippines and later the World that we don't usually see and is sometimes taken for granted due to its environment, undesirable reputations, and misunderstood culture. Through this new category, we will show you a diverse, unique and inimitable whole new world of both seen and unseen nooks of the world through the spectrum of our lenses. So come and join us in our first "Through the Lens" entry. 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Bright & Comfy

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Photos by Pao Salandanan
I am still on the process of cleaning up my backlogs and I just discovered I have moooorreee unpublished photos like this one! This is probably my longest outfit post yet with over 20+ photos. There sooo many great shots that my love has taken from this shoot and sorting which photo to include in this post is the hardest thing ever! This has been my struggle in drafting my blog post ever since.  Like ALL THE TIME! I have no choice but to shorten the list down but the lowest number I could go is 20 so yeah, this entry is a bit lengthy. I hope you dont get bored of my face, LOL. Here's another missed OOTD. What do you think?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Webstyle: The Tidestore Collection

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Color Block VS Stripes? That's the our topic for today's Webstyle feature. Which style is more appealing? Which is more fashionable? Lets find out! But first, allow me to introduce to you our featured shop for this post, Tidestore. Its an online shop which sells variety of fashion collections. From women's clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, up to men's clothing! They almost have anything that you need! Its a one stop shop for every fashion lovers out there. Back to our topic, we collected several pieces from Tidestore that has stripes pattern and the other is with color block design. Which of each looks best? You decide.
 Color Block VS Stripes