Monday, December 8, 2014

Al Amara Spa Round 2

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Hi guys, Pao here and I am writing for today's entry. You'll be seeing more articles of me from to time on this blog from now on. I hope you'll enjoy my writings too. :) Now off to today's topic.... 
We’re here again !! Months ago, Al Amara Spa celebrated their anniversary and we we're invited again for another extraordinary experience at their spa. After a few months since our first visit, we noticed that their interior changed a bit, and it looked much better I must say. It felt much more relaxing as we entered and the staff welcomed us warmly. They too served us some tea, which I guess another reason for visiting besides their reasonable price and great services.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

CC Hair Extensions

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Previously, we talked about wigs. This time allow me to introduce you to hair extensions and how to use it. Hair extensions are kind of wigs too the only difference is that you put it on and blend it on your natural hair. It is used on special occasion or just on a daily basis if you want to hype up you hair length or style it according to your taste. Hair extensions actually came in different types.
Clip on are the most commonly used hair extensions. It is very easy to use, all you have to do is clip it on the roots of your hair and you're done! This is most convenient to use when you are always on the go because it's easier to put on and put off.  On using this, you might need someone to help you out if you are not used to it. These are best used for travels and if you are always on the go.

Travelogue: Victoria Peak

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LAST WAVE OF HONG KONG PHOTOS. Finally my last post from my Hong Kong trip! I hope you enjoyed my previous travel posts at this place as much as I enjoyed writing and preparing this post. I know this was already a super late entry but still every time I look into these photos, I still get this feeling of excitement. Which is why, I am so earnest in doing separate posts from the places I've been to in Hong Kong.  Most bloggers I noticed, when they post their travel blog entry, they tend to fit in their entire trip into 1 or 2 posts! I don't know how they manage to do that, but in my case, I always love to go into details because it's one way of remembering and reminiscing unforgettable memories I had when travelling, hence tons of photos and separate blog posts! I'm truly in love with travel now that from to time, Pao and I always talk and plan for our next destination. And this blog too is becoming more like a travel blog rather than a fashion blog. Which of course I am happy about because in the first place, it is a travel blog that I've always wanted to create. This blog has evolved a lot since then which is why I thought of venturing into partners. Yes you heard it, I'll be having a co-writer in working this blog out which I will talk more on a separate post. We (my partner and I) have a lot of plans ahead so please wait for it (^-^).

Friday, December 5, 2014

Most Effective Way to Get Rid of Pimples

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Warning:Today I am going to tell you about my story and how I get rid of my pimples. So,I have to warn you,  this is going to be a lengthy post. Please read on if you're interested. If not, just click the (x)button on the tab.
Hi, this is me, Shiny Bliss Ortilano, I am not perfect, I am not pretty, I have flaws and today I have revelations. Most people say "Hey, you're so pretty, you have the most flawless skin" but that's when before they see me in person. Yes! I look totally different in person and that's maybe why I don't have buddies at school except for my boyfriend. I do have friends but we just bond and chat during classes but once the bell rings, I am a loner once again. Outside the class, I walk alone, I sit alone. It wasn't like this before because I know during my elementary and highschool days, I am a star. I'm not bragging about this or anything I just want to make some point. When I was in Elementary and Highschool, everybody in our place knows who I am. I looked pretty, I excel in school, I join pageants, I host programs, I sing in a choir, and I could go on with the list. Not until when I went to college. In my current school, I am no one. People at school sees me as an ordinary kid with the most ambitious lifestyle that doesn't even deserves it. They always makes me feel like this: "Why is she so ambitious? She's not even pretty. She don't deserve what she has now. She feels like she's popular but duh.. look at her face. Online, she's very pretty, flawless, she has beautiful clothes, but in person? She's so ugly, she has a lot of pimples and her dress isn't pretty at all! She's just a piece of shit and purely ambitious woman! Yep that's reality. And this blog is somewhat a dilemma to those people. To them, I am a total nightmare. They might even think and say, "you don't deserve what you have right now", it's just that, they don't say it straight to my face.

Monday, December 1, 2014

5 Winter Coat Must-Haves

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I live in a tropical country and it feels like summer all year long (-.-) thus, winter is such a dream for me. I've always wanted to wear pretty fur coats, knee high boots, gloves and those ever cutest ear muffs! Which is why, every time I bump into online shops like TBDress, I always check-out items like these pretty coats first! If I get a chance to live or visit a winter wonderland, I would like to be the most fashionable winter gal ever! So, here I have picked my top 5 winter coat must-haves when this dream comes into reality! Ready? here we go.....
First pick, a hooded thicken overcoat which will perfectly match with a knee-high boots! This has to be my modern interpretation of Red Riding Hood (^-^). Red is such a striking color to wear so it would be perfect for morning and evening wears.  
Find this Little Miss Red Riding Hood Coat here: TBdress Winter thicken Overcoat

Lady Santa Clause

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Halloo.. quick update you guys, I broke my phone so I'm missing updates on my instagram.(-.-) I felt sad but quite happy too because at least i could have a lil' break from my online duties. And to catch up, here's my last style post from my Hong Kong trip. This is what I wore on our last day in HK and it's kinda sad that these travel posts are about to end. On the brighter side, I am hopeful for another trip next year because Pao and I are planning a lot of travels after I graduate so please stay tuned for that. Hihihi.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Evening Gowns by DressV

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Thanksgiving season is coming! Who's excited? I am! (^-^) I am sure you guys are too. And am sure too that party invitations are flooding your mails. But have you picked your perfect evening gown yet? Today's post, I am going to introduce you to an online shop you prolly are looking for! Here we go...
DressV is an online haven for weddings and special occasion dresses. They have a wide variety and selection of fashion pieces may it be from dresses, bags, shoes and accessories too. If you are planning to attend a party and don't know what dress to wear, DressV might be the answer. What I love about them is the fact that all of their products are designed by experienced designers. No wonder their designs are ultra chic and the cuts are well defined and edgy. The details too are very intricate and well designed. Now that's how put trust to a product right? Take a look at their endless collection of evening gowns for example. I have personally picked my favorites and combine them together to give you an idea what to wear for your upcoming party.
ELECTRIC BLUE: How about wearing these stunning blue evening gowns? It will go perfectly with a smokey eye make up and silver details. I am sure you'll absolutely look royal and regal wearing these beautiful evening gowns!