Sunday, November 23, 2014

Travelogue: Jumbo Floating Restaurant

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JUMBO KINGDOM. Right after our tiring yet incredibly fun day at Hong Kong Ocean Park, we head off to Aberdeen to see the famous Jumbo Floating Restaurant. It is named as the largest floating restaurant in the world so you could imagined how stoked I am to have a glimpse of this beauty. But that's not the only reason why I am excited, another is because it is where my Mama used to live when she was still in Hong Kong! I heard a lot of wonderful stories of her few years stay here so I am looking forward to at least have a glimpse of her life here before.

Saturday, November 22, 2014


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MINI DREAM COME TRUE. Being in Hongkong, makes me try new kind of fashion. The weather here is super nice---not too hot yet not too cold. Well at least during our visit. They have winter here too but no snow which I guess was a plus points! Me on the other hand, was expecting to experience a cold season because back in my own country, you can't wear a winter boots or a fur coat without people giving you a is-she-crazy-or-something look! I could wear summer dress all year round which actually is becoming boring already. My trip to Hong Kong however allowed me to have a mini dream come true! HAHA! yeah I am shallow like that. I was able to wear a winter boots and it looked normal to people for the first time! LOL. Anyway, this quick post is all about what I wore to our afternoon visit at the Jumbo Kingdom where the most luxurious and biggest ever floating restaurant in Hong Kong is situated. I will tell you more about it on my next post. Stay tuned! For now, enjoy these girly outfit shots I had that day.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Travelogue: Hongkong Ocean Park

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FUN AT THE MOUNTAIN PEAK. What I love about Hongkong is how they build their city without destroying the earth's contours. In architecture, I learned that it is the best way to conserve and not harm our environment. As much as possible we were taught that we have to lessen or not at all use the method of cut and fill in designing a sloping site or lot. And that's what exactly Hongkong is implying in their infrastructures' designs and with that I truly admire this city. Yes, they have concrete jungles too just like any other cities yet their mountains remained unharmed even they build structures at it. Take for example the Hongkong Ocean Park---it's an amusement park a top of the mountain! It's kind of unreal to hear but that's the magic of Hongkong Ocean Park. Having this amusement park in this kind of environment actually strengthens the excitement of activities you get to experience in exploring it. It's kinda scattered and unorganized unlike Disneyland where in you know exactly where to go but here, it's pure adventure because every trail will lead you to pockets of fun and discoveries!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

InstaGlam Hair from Wigsbuy

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Fashion-Interior Manifestation

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Interior design, like fashion is a lifestyle unique to each individual. We have our own unique tastes, likes and dislikes. Other people cannot judge us by what we look like through their own perspective but rather we are judge by what our individual perspective is.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Neon Bright

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My Hongkong adventure continues! I know these photos are already super delayed but still I can't miss sharing it here in my blog, afterall, this blog is some sort of my diary which I could look back to in the near future. You see this blog is not for show-off or merely for business instead, it is some sort of a puzzle piece in my life. Without these, I would not remember how blessed and how much I have achieved in life. It's like an e-book of my life. When I was in highschool, I was fond of making scrapbooks but it didn't last long because I am such a messy person that I end up ruining my stuff by either spilling water or stumping on it. I was religious though in keeping photos through my albums and hard drives. But then when I went to college, our computer broke and my mama gave parts of it to a computer shop and I was never able to retrieve my treasure files. I have lost all my elementary and highschool photos thus, I have to start over again. This time, I went on blogging so I am sure I will never lose my photos again (except of course if my site has bugged down, but don't worry I still have copies in my hard drives just to make sure)

Friday, November 7, 2014

Fall Calling from Modcloth

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Fall most probably is my favorite season although it's sad that I really never experienced it because I live in a country where in we only have two season---the wet and dry season. But it's more like summer all year long since we are in a tropical location. I fell in love with fall however based on the photos and scenes from the movies I saw. It's the time of the year where trees begins to change it's color and the air becomes cooler. It maybe safe to say that it is the most balanced time of the year. The weather is not too hot and yet not too cold. That I wish to experience of course. With that said, I somehow find my way how to enjoy and experience a lil' bit of fall by making fashion layouts like these ones I had for today's post. I collect photos from my favourite online shop, mix them together and imagine myself wearing it.