Architecture Night

Thursday, March 01, 2012

 This is my first time in blogging, (i don't really know what i am going to say) so i decided to share this particular event in my life. Architecture Night is a school event where we usually have during Christmas. I only have few friends this time since i just arrived here in manila for my college and i am still trying to adjust with the environment. So i
thought it would be better to join the party to win new friends and it is actually my first time to enter a club. (^-^) It was held in congo grill bar and resto in malate, manila. This event is one of the best experience i ever had. aside from that, it is also one of those memorable ones because this is where i met my man, Paolo. He is my escort in this party, introduced me with his friends and its pretty awesome meeting new faces. we got to know each other and started dating then. :)

Dress: Vintage
Cardigan: by Michael
Hairstyle: by David's Salon
Make-up: by David's Salon
Nail polish: by Bobby
clutch: Vintage
Heels: Vintage

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