Eager Beginner

Friday, March 16, 2012

I was inspired by a Swiss blogger and model (I can’t say her name) because she has really great looks and sense of fashion. She has this blog where she posts her looks every time she has new outfits and so I thought of starting my own as well. And since my sisters and I are starting to have a business of our own clothing line, this will be a sort of a
fashion diary and I’ll be featuring some of our pieces found in our online shop. CLICK HERE to see our page. As a beginner, I have to start first with just simple outfits I got from my closet. This outfit was actually all bought from a bazaar because that’s all I can afford for now, LOL. It is not that bad isn’t it? I actually like this outfit because it’s cute and chic. The skirt has a belt attached to it thus; I don’t need to buy one to fit it in with the whole look. I love the top because those colored diamonds were attached to it and it actually looked like a necklace. (^-^) deceiving eh? Those shoes are from my own shoe rack and I’m lucky its color compliments with the pieces I purchased.

Top: Bazaar
Skirt: Bazaar
Bangles: Bazaar
Wallet: Tiendesitas
Heels: Vintage

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2 sweet comments

  1. Wow dear!! You are simply stunning! Could you get any more beautiful? I love your outfits and photos! :)

    1. oh wow!! you're sweet... thank you sooo much.. xoxo