Mr. & Ms. AR-ID-BE

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Remember I mentioned the final pageant event on my last blog? This one is still part of the event. After a long struggle with nervous, it’s finally over. We have had to wait the results then. While the judges tallied the scores, dinner was served and we enjoy it together with our friends. While waiting, we chat, we laugh; we tease each other
and just simply enjoy the so called “friendship”. And when the results came, we are eager to hear who finally did it because whoever wins will become the representative of our department for the CARDINALS (pageant for the whole university including different courses). I thought this is a great experience and just to be part of it is enough for me, but I was so surprised when my name is being called. I won the Ms. Photogenic award and was lucky enough to be hailed as Ms. Interior Design (which means I’ll be representing the school of Interior Design for CARDINALS). Well, expect the unexpected! J Oh by the way AR-ID-BE means Architecture-Industrial Design-Built Environment.

PS: Pao is also part of the pageant, no awards, but but but, he made it to the CARDINALS as a replacement of the winner who backed out. <3

Black Dress: Vintage
Heels: Blue Beauty (Hong Kong)
Bag: Bazaar
Hair & Make-up: by Freshair Saloon

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