Pink Panther

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

As part of our school’s foundation week, Mr. and Ms. Cardinals is an annual event that everybody is looking forward to. Since I won the Mr.  & Ms. AR-ID-BE, I have to represent the interior design course of our department on this event. And this part is the swim wear category. This is my first time to wear swim suit in front of the crowd. I felt
scared but I just thought that I was on the beach and that nobody cares.  I am thankful that they have provided us wonderful pieces and glittery see-through cloth that helps a lot to make me feel comfortable somehow. That headdress I wore was from a thrift store somewhere in Divisoria. There’s a lot of cool but cheap stuff in that place and I actually love going there.

Swim suit: Sponsored
Bangles: Bazaar
Headdress: Thrift store
Hair & Make-up: Leih’s friend

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