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Sunday, March 18, 2012

photos by Bong Fallurin

After a long time, I was back to my hometown! I visited some places I’ve been to before and also those that are new to me with my good old friends and classmates. We chat and see how’s everybody is doing. I’ve find out a lot of things about them and I shared my experience as well. We enjoyed exploring the city and they brought me to this
wonderful place, Plazuela. It’s a kind of a restaurant slash gimmick hub for teenagers and adults as well. So I took time to have a quick shoot in this beautiful place. It’s around 5 PM when we shot this so I guess I caught some attentions and aahh those piercing eyes melt me. Again, I have to endure it of course even though it felt stupid posing and smiling right there with passing people looking at me curiously. I remembered the guard on duty that time curiously asked my photographer “is this for a commercial? Because she really looks like a model!”. I can’t forget that because it makes me feel awkward and it gave us a good laugh.

Anyway, today i have skinny jeans and a simple top. I love wearing jeans aside from mini dresses. This Crissa Jeans i am wearing was a gift from my ex boyfriend. LOL, i know its funny because once you broke up with someone we usually burn it or return it to him. but in my case, i just cant let go of this jeans! haha i love wearing crissa jeans because its comfy and awesomely chic! i got to pair it with any piece i got in my closet. Crissa jeans is available in your nearest SM malls! CLICK HERE to visit their page.

PS: These great shots were taken by a good friend of mine Bong Fallurin. Click HERE to visit and see his photos.

Top: Bazaar
Skinny Jeans: Crissa Jeans
Sun glasses: Rayban
Boots: OMA (Hong Kong)
Wrist Band: Vintage

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