Monday, March 05, 2012

I’m not really into sports but this, is the one I wore when I joined the Mr. and Ms. Architecture in our University. J Pao and I chose to have racing costume for my sportswear and his is tennis (He also joined the pageant; he’s sort of my partner actually, hehe). Well, we did not actually acquire this from the racing garments shop. We had thought of
improvising since being thrifty as a student is quiet more important. Some of these pieces were bought from a bazaar, from my own closet, and some were just borrowed.  The jacket is from a friend of mine, (Kevin) and I’m so glad that he let me borrow it. When I saw him wearing it, I thought of borrowing it right away. It’s perfect for the look that I wanted to achieve. If you haven’t noticed, there are logos of different racing sponsors, like the shell, is actually just stickers!!! I printed it out in a sticker pad and stuck it on the jacket and the pants. Luckily, no one noticed it. My roommate was amazed; she really thought those logos were patched on my garment. J Anyway, this event is just a pre-pageant. The main event will be held during the Architecture night.

Jacket: BUM Equipment
Top: Vintage
Pants: Bazaar
Snickers: Converse
Sunglasses: Vintage
Hair & Make-up: by David’s Saloon

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