Tuesday, April 03, 2012

PASTELS: Mint, light ice cream pink, delicate butter yellow and romantic lavender. These are the 5 most stylish colors to wear this spring according to my favorite blogger Kristina Bazaan. I was inspired by her article in “everybody is ugly” after reading it. Indeed pastels hit the trend in fashion even in the New York Fashion Week 2012 spring and
summer collections. Flashy, unique and uncommon colors were seen during the event. These colors are uncommon and we don’t usually see it every day hence, once you wear it, it brings uniqueness and originality to any look.  As for me, I tried to express pastel trend by using light yellow tops and a high-wasted taut pants. On my shoes, a bright mustard yellow and black combination is a perfect compliment with my whole outfit. I am also happy to wear my cute heart-shaped bag which I got from Pao as a gift.  Also, I’m happy to tell you that you could still avail this outfit at La Mode Vestimentaire.

Top: La Mode Vestimentaire
Pants: La Mode Vestimentaire
Shoes: Aria
Bag: Accessorize (SM Manila)

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  1. Lovely blog. I am now following via Twitter and Bloglovin. Keep in touch.

  2. One of my favorite outfits after skimming through your blog c: c;
    keep the posts coming! :-D