Spring Blossoms

Monday, April 09, 2012

photos by Paopao Salandanan

Spring is almost over but I can’t get enough of this floral dress that I have as a gift from Pao. I was eyeing this dress ever since I saw it in the newest clothing line here in our local mall. When we came back and see this dress once again, I was so surprised that Pao bought it for me. I really love this because of its very light fabric hence; it’s very
comfortable to wear. Also, its floral print is perfect for spring. That doll shoes I’m wearing is a monthsary gift from Pao. It has a twin pair, colored black and pink but I prefer using this because of its white and green color that compliments with my black and green mini dress. This doll shoes is from the shop in Eastwood called "the little things she needs".  For my hair, I tried to have a messy updo since updos are much like a trend in fashion for this year. We have seen a lot of celebrities having updo for their hairdo, like for example Katie Perry. So I also gave it a try. There’s no harm in trying isn't it? (^-^).

Lately, Pao purchased his newest Nikon D7000 dslr camera. So we had this trial shots and I enjoyed it a lot. These photos were taken at Greenbelt, one of the most amazing malls here in the Philippines. Also, I enjoyed playing around with Pao’s little sister (Trixie), while having my photo shoot. These photos were of course taken by Pao. To visit him, CLICK HERE.

Dress: Chicabooti
Shoes: The little things she needs

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2 sweet comments

  1. I love that dress! The print on the bottom is to die for (:
    And it all looks so well put together!

    Also, I'm really excited to follow you and I really hope you'll have a look at my blog and maybe we could follow each other!
    Stay in touch, love!


    1. thank you so much amber, i'd love to follow your blog! xoxo