Travelogue: Fort Santiago

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

photos by Paopao Salandanan

So, there was this historic park just around the block near my dormitory which Pao and I went to lately. It’s funny that I’ve been staying here for 3 years now, but it is only this day that we came to visit the place. It can be found inside the iconic Intramuros walls which we consider as the mini “wall of china” of the Philippines.  Just a little trivia
about Intramuros; it’s made up of two Spanish words “intra” (within the walls) and “muros” (city) when combined, it means “city within the walls”. It is one of the must-see tourist spots in Manila. Every day, I never miss seeing Americans, Chinese and Koreans visiting the beauty of the ruins of Intramuros. Some other spots within intramuros are the Manila Cathedral, Bahay Tsinoy, the walls but the most visited is the Fort Santiago. It is where you can find the cell of the country’s national hero, Jose Rizal. Here, you will have an opportunity to follow the steps of Rizal on his way to Bagumbayan (or today what we call the “Rizal Memorial Park” or “Luneta Park”) before his execution in the hands of the Spaniards. Also, you will have a chance to have a peek on the very room where he spent the night writing his “huling paalam” (last goodbye) to his family and loved ones.  There was also this Museum inside that exhibits his wardrobes, writing materials, and his famous books—the Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo.

This place is amazingly beautiful that we couldn’t just leave without taking my look-for-the-day photo-shoot.  Those antique walls are just simply photogenic and gorgeous on the photos. Its rustic look and historic feel is what really amazes me. Imagine this place is 106 years old yet it still exists today. If only walls could talk, for sure it has thousands of stories to tell.  Anyway, talking about my outfit, I wore this two-toned top which I have as a gift from my sister Apol. I just then added pops of black; black shorts, black lace blazer, black bag, and black doll shoes. I always use the black trick because this color is easy to wear and can be paired with any color you want.

Top: Vintage (gift from my sister)
Laced Blazer: from HongKong
Shorts: Levis
Bag: Beverly
Shades: Rayban
Doll Shoes: from Hongkong

this is the Parian gate i guess, it can be found also inside fort santiago. Jose rizal passed this gate on his way out to luneta.

Gorgeous 100 yr-old bricks

I felt like flying here! haha see those shadows on the bricks? it looks like wings! :)

One of the exhibits inside the museum. this one is rizal's message to his fellow country men. also, this is where he wrote his famous "mi ultimo adios" before his execution.

"mi ultimo adios" by Rizal. a version for the blind.

Rizal's footsteps on his way to execution. :(

Oh! my photographer taking photos of rizal's foot marks! :)

this is where Rizal spend the night before he died. that statue is him and those foot marks are his first few footsteps to death.

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