Mother's Day

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother’s are the greatest hero of all time! And on this day, we celebrate mother’s day all over the World to show how special our mom is. Every day and not only today, they deserve our love and respect for they are the ones who brought us in this world. They brought joy and happiness to us as their children. They are the ones who are always
there by our side through ups and down. When we were young, they carry us on their arms, embrace us and sing a song for us until we close our eyes and take our long naps. And as we woke up, their loving arms are always ready to pick us up. Now that were all grownups, she is still there caring for us. Moms are the best gift that God has given us. She knows everything we need even we don’t ask them. When were down and weary their hugs and kisses never fails to ease us. Sometimes she doesn’t tell but when we are hurting, she’s burning deep inside too.  And when were in joy, her heart is bursting with joy also. That’s how moms are, and today let us take this one day to make them very special. Some may surprise their moms with big packages, some may just have a little box, others may have letters and treats and most of us wanted to give the best we could offer  but for me, the best gift for my mom is for her to feel that I love her so much. And that she is the best mom in the whole wide world.

As for me and my sisters, expensive gifts and big surprises are nothing compare to the effort, creativity and hard work. Since I am a student, and we all know that students are allowance deprived during summer; I took time to scribble sweet thoughts for my mom. We also gave her roses and lots and lots of hugs and kisses.  And seeing joy in her eyes is the best “sukli” for our simple effort.

scribbled this on my aunt's galaxy tab
made this my cover photo on facebook to show how special my mom is. <3
me and my QUEEN
geek mama's girl
roses for mom
with my eldest sister

the princess and the queen



xoxoxo kisses for our QUEEN

----I LOVE YOU MOM----

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14 sweet comments

  1. Ooo..
    So sweet of you to do that to your mom...
    She must be happy if she knows that!
    Good thing that you can celebrate with her.. Me & mum is currently away, perhaps we can meet by next month...

    Follow my blog at

    1. aw,,, thank you dear!! hope you will have enough bonding time with your mom too!! xoxo

  2. These are lovely pictures! Everything you wrote about mothers is so true! :)x
    Amy from
    Marzipan Stairway

  3. What a lovely post and so true too!! XX

  4. Aw, this is so sweet! In England we celebrated Mothers Day a few2 months ago.
    In reply to your post on my blog, of course I'm happy to help your out!
    What do you want to know sweetie?
    My basic advise would be to comment on others blogs with a meaningfull thought about what they've posted, let them know that you've taken the time to read their post properly.
    You have a lovely blog, especialy considering you're new to blogging!

  5. Such a sweet pics... I love them!
    Well, what do you actually mean 'sharing your ideas'?
    I'd love to help each other, but I don't know how ;)


  6. aww dear this is so sweet. My mum was away but so wish I had tried something similar. Your blog is really amazing. Cant wait to share blog Idea with you, put a special page for it on my blog dedicated to you.

  7. Don't be sad, learning is the best part! I'm still learning all the time, it's what my blog is for. I'm not sure how I get the signature there, I won a free blog layout a while ago, and the lovely lady hooked it out so it will do that, sorry!