Travelogue: Puerta Real Gardens

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Photos by Paopao Salandanan

Class was dismissed early so Pao and I had a chance to have a sneak peek on the park just a couple of blocks away from our school.  The park was stunningly beautiful because of its magical feel. It feels like you are entering into a fairytale because of the stone bricks and high fortresses. Upon entering, you will cross a draw bridge and then a short
tunnel with cobbled flooring. After that, you will be surprised with a lush of greenery at the heart of it. There are ferns, flowering plants, orchids and trees. It’s like an oasis a midst a modernized city. With all these tall buildings and infrastructures around us, I never thought we would find a place where nature is still abundant and preserved. The area was enclosed by ancient and castle-like walls which add to the beauty of the place. Part of the garden is a stairway and a ramp which leads you to a mezzanine which you could climb up to the walls and see parts of Manila. Upon reaching and climbing the top of the walls, you could see a vast golf course below it. Golfers are playing during our visit and we did enjoy watching them. I also love the view of a man-made lake just within the golf course because of its eye-wear-like shape. It reminds me of Ninoy Aquino (husband of former Philippine President Cory Aquino) because it looks exactly the same with the eye glasses he wears which becomes a famous symbol for the Aquino family. You could also view the Manila Hotel and Roxas Boulevard from a distance. There is no entrance fee here but they have curfew. You can come and visit this place daily from 7:00 in the morning until 6:00 in the afternoon.

Of course, I can’t miss my look-for-the-day pictorial on this stunning and magical place. What I had for today is a black and red combo. I am wearing red tights and a simple black tank top. For my accessory, I had a girly pink watch from Tomato. And for my vest, I had a chance to wear this beautiful gift from Pao’s mom. Its brand is Pierucci and was purchased in Papua New Guinea. It is such a wonderful thing to receive a special gift from your boyfriend’s parent right? I felt so happy when I got this, not only because it’s coming from his mom but because the design has satisfied my taste. (^-^) Another awesome piece that I wear this day is my wedge! And this one is a gift from my man. I got this as a “take-home” souvenir from him when he and his family had their vacation in Hong Kong.  Well, what do you say? He got my taste too! Super love the wedge of course!

Tank top: Vintage
Tights: Unknown Brand (from Hong Kong)
Vest: Pierucci
Wrist watch: Tomato
Wedge: Cardam’s

entrance to the garden, gorgeous isn't it?

Pink watch by Tomato

my baby's pick! love it... <3

captured sunset!

ooopzz! hahaha

say aaaaaahhh..

view of Manila Hotel and the golf course from where we were standing

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