100 things I learned about FASHION

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

  1. Fashion has no age limit
  2. Fashion doesn’t need financial status
  3. You don’t have to be a model or stylist to be a fashion enthusiast
  4. Never be discouraged by others
  5. Make a blog or diary
  6. Document your outfits, that way you will know how much you have grown with your style
  7. Don’t be a servant of trends
  8. Step up and make a statement
  9. You can start your own trend
  10. Get a fashion buddy
  11. The best look-for-the-day photographer is your boyfriend (it’s a lot more comfortable in front of someone who knows you)
  12. Join a fashion community
  13. Hypes are today, style is forever
  14. You cannot please everybody
  15. Get updated with fashion styles all over the world
  16. Encourage others
  17. Do not criticize, suggest instead
  18. Don’t be afraid of criticism, its one way of knowing you are growing in fashion
  19. Soliciting compliments doesn’t help you
  20. Have an inspiration like celebrities or your favorite fashion blogger
  21. Match your outfit with the weather
  22. Learn to mix and match
  23. Be proud of yourself but do not forget others
  24. Work on monotone/monochromatic colors with print on print pieces
  25. Use the plain-color trick with your printed pieces
  26. Do not over accessorize
  27. Simplicity is the most elegant look
  28. You don’t have to ALWAYS wear dresses to be fashionable
  29. Learn to wear jeans and denims
  30. Fashion is not about showing skins
  31. Watch fashion programs or shows like next top models
  32. Have a collection of your own style magazines
  33. Wearing stockings with sandals is a big NO-NO
  34. Pick a perfect make-up that matches you
  35. Your outfits  conveys your personality
  36. Never be ashamed of window shopping
  37. Wear flats for shopping so you may enjoy walking at the same time, you may try every shoes you run to without taking long time to remove your laces or straps.
  38. Do not seek suggestions from a sales attendant, examine items by yourself
  39. You don’t have to shop every other day
  40. Start making DIY
  41. Be creative
  42. Innovate
  43. Bring originality on your every look
  44. Feed your mind about what is new in the world of fashion
  45. Take your time in choosing your outfit
  46. Do not rush in applying your make-up
  47. Work more on the eyes on applying make-up
  48. Our eyes is the most dramatic part of our face
  49. Never be afraid of mixing and matching bright colors
  50. Review every product you use
  51. The best designer is yourself
  52. Learn how to wear flashy and finicky colors like neon, mint, yellow etc.
  53. Love your shoes as much as you love your wardrobes
  54. Get a GIANT mirror for your room
  55. Arrange your wardrobes according to colors
  56. Do not throw your old things, join a bazaar
  57. Grab an outfit and give it to a friend, encourage them to start fashion with themselves
  58. Design a dress for your mom or younger sister
  59. Attend events that could boost your confidence and style
  60. Forget about Barbie-look-a-like
  61. Do not take fashion as a competition among others
  62. Bright colors could make heads turn
  63. Blondes do not need to avoid pink, same as black do not need to avoid yellow
  64. Never pair brown and blue
  65. Black and white are the most friendly color
  66. Vital statistics is not a hindrance in making yourself beautiful
  67. Do not laugh, appreciate
  68. Guide a beginner
  69. Natural looks are beautiful
  70. Black makes you look slimmer
  71. Do not wear black on sunny days
  72. Vertical stripes are for chubby or healthy-looking people
  73. Horizontal stripes are for slim
  74. Challenge yourself
  75. Fashion needs no rules
  76. Do not worship others
  77. Ask support from your loved ones
  78. Fashion chooses no gender
  79. Guys are stylish on their own way
  80. Fashion does not discriminate
  81. Most transgender are successful in the world of fashion, they have great ideas
  82. Be patient and eager
  83. Accomplish something everyday
  84. Fashion is more than just a  “stuff”
  85. Do not be discouraged if someone discriminates you
  86. Learn to take suggestions from others, be open-minded
  87. You don’t have wear branded pieces to be stylish
  88. Spend less time in boosting your followers, instead spend more time on learning new things
  89. Read blogs, read articles, read news
  90. Having lots of fans and followers helps a lot in boosting self-confidence
  91. Selflessness not selfishness
  92. Fashion is not a “cosplay”
  93. You don’t have to sacrifice money and health in engaging yourself with fashion
  94. Never forget to rest
  95. Abusing fashion is abusing yourself
  96. Love what you are doing
  97. Have your own list
  98. Nothing is more rewarding than achieving your dreams
  99. Take fashion heartily
  100. Always enjoy fashion, always!

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