Denise's 18th Birthday

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Last Sunday night, Pao and I were invited to join his friend's birthday party, held in The Grand Terrace Hotel. At first, we were hesitant to come because of the bad weather due to low pressure but thankfully, we made it to the event. (Were late though, harhar) When we arrived, the program
has already started and we just make our way to the back area of the hall. There's not much visitors as much as my debut so we were the only three (Pao, Me, Trixie) who occupied the table. Other guests joined our table later.

After few minutes, we were invited by someone (don’t know her name) to have our picture taken with the debutant. Denise looks pretty in her black and red gown. It’s my first time to meet her in person though I know few things about her because Pao also talks about her. She seemed to be a nice lady (^.^)

Denise with her 18 treasures

What I wore that night is just a simple black tube dress and a lace bottom. I was supposed to wear another dress that I had ordered from US but it did not come on time (huhuhu I felt so sad). Thankfully, my closet was packed with cocktail dresses so I was able to pull it off. My dress is a purchase from Hongkong and my shoes is from the local mall here in Manila. And my cute heart shaped purse is a gift from my baby which I love so much! It goes so well with my black dress and Dalmatian heels. (^.^) For my hair and make-up, I am so honoured to have Felix Mendiola. He did a great job with my make-up and I love what he did with my one-sided curly hair! <3

my dalmatian shoes!!! <3

I was one of her 18 candles! Its funny because it was only that night that i came to know her and then i was just grabbed by someone to do the 18 candle thing because some participants was not able to come or maybe late.  

seems like i was the only one whose ready here, harhar

sorry i'm just busy with instagram, LOL

waiting for my turn to deliver my wish for Denise. (^-^)

Baby trixie strikes a pose for her new haircut while we were in the salon.

Trixie and Denise

these are yummy cookies in a cute package! Denise's token for those who came.

My baby is part of Denise's 18 treasure. Here he is giving his wishes and message for Denise.

wacky time with Trixie the pixie baby.

Pao together with his friends from Lae.

such a cute picture! they look so cute together.

Ate Donna! Shes so nice and very warm. She's actually the ONLY one who entertained us so well.

my Baby's suit we purchased from MINT

Here are more photos that we took through Sony Xperia. Sorry for the low quality.

photographer of the night, harhar


I hope you guys enjoyed this post.. :)

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