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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Many have asked who my photographer was. Well, I would like to introduce to you Dream catcher media, the one who is beyond all these amazing photos. Dream catcher media is owned by my very own boyfriend, Paolo Salandanan or “paopao” to those who are close to him.
He is an Architecture student just like me, who has an eye for photography. He is very passionate with arts of different forms and architecture of course! As far as I know, he is the best photographer ever! (^-^) here’s an interview I did for you guys to know him better!

How did you start photography?
                Well really at first I already like photography, I’m always amazed on how they create photos that delivers different message to everyone. Just like in architecture my concepts and designs come up from messages of supporting the environment or protecting the life of human animals alike.

                Another is that photography and traveling is somewhat “twins”. My girlfriend and my mom travel a lot, every time we have the chance we will go somewhere new or unique to us. We would eat somewhere we have never eaten before, And for me that is photography, discovery and freezing those special moments that you and your family spent together.

What is your photography all about?
                Well, I really wanted to be a landscape photography I’m always amazed of how beautiful nature is ,on how the sun renders the land and sea, on how the clouds clear and make a blue canvas.  As I gain more experience on photography I find photo journalism pretty exciting. I took photos that are expressing their feelings their mood and creating abstract photos, when I look at them I find myself smiling or just starring at it, just thinking. Another is being a portrait photographer, I practice this skill with my girlfriend when we’re walking around Intramuros, she has her own blog too so we need picture perfect shots.

What camera do you use?
                my first and current camera is a gift from my mom, a Nikon d7000 and 18-105 lens, even though its not a beginners camera I find it very easy to use and it satisfies my desired shots, before buying, it took us hours in the internet looking for the perfect camera, and I can say that its worth it.

How do you describe your type of photography?
                I can say that my photos are full of emotions and memories it hides messages that can only be found when understood deep enough.  

Where can we find more of your photos?
                You can find more of my photos on my blog dreamcatchersmedia.blogspot.com And on my facebook page facebook.com/dreamcatchersmedia

Dream catcher media is my official photographer. I hope you guys did enjoy this post. (^-^) don’t forget to follow him on TWITTER, FACEBOOK, and GFC... 

Have a nice day!!!

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  1. Brilliant post!!! :-) Said it before but great blog. Keeps me coming back for more! :-)