Gibi n' Stripes

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Here’s another outfit from La mode Vestimentaire’s dress collection! Stripes and semi-denim combo for today. It’s a 2 in 1 dress!! Cool right? At first look it may seem to be a 2 separate pieces but it’s not!  Did I trick you? Harhar. Materials are made of cotton on the top and semi-denim for the skirt. This type of outfit is perfect for outing and hanging out with friends! It’s also a good choice for shopping
or malling. As you have noticed on my previous blog posts, I love adding colour pop-ups on my outfits. This time, I have colour red to complete the whole outfit. Red Gibi heels on my feet right there, with that super cute rose on its strap! Don’t you love it? I do! Harhar. And that sling bag I am wearing is also an item from La mode vestimentaire. It really looks cute in red leather material. Good thing about this is, its strap is detachable and has a double strap! It can be used as a sling bag or a tote bag! How convenient is that? Love it sooooo much! (^-^)

Heels: Gibi

I hope you enjoy today's post!

PS: giveaway winner is Lynsil Lohan Ybanez! i'll be posting blog feature about her. For those who joined here and on facebook, thank you sooo much! til' next giveaway! I am sorry for those who followed the procedure but forget to leave their names and email address. :(

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