Monday, August 27, 2012

Another Holiday for this month and I am super thankful that I have this day to rest from studies, projects and everything. If you have been following me on instagram (@seventhbliss) you knew that I’ve been talking about projects, presentations and my-freakin’-time moments. Now that I’m done with my first project in school (which is a mall and a call centre and I’ll be showing you some photos on this post), I now have time for another outfit post! Yay! So, Pao and I are planning to do some photo shoots this coming days but before that, I want to clean up my backlogs (blogs I haven’t posted yet) first.

What I am wearing is La Mode Vestimentaire apparel. If you have noticed, my hair is shorter in these photos because we actually had this shoot last December or January I guess (I’m not really sure) for Née yams collection of La Mode Vestimentaire.  Unfortunately, this item is not available anymore but I guess it’s still worth sharing, harhar. Anyway, what I am wearing is a sleeveless top paired with skirt shorts. Yes it’s a short! Cool right? I love how these earthy tones gave a little drama with the grey shorts because the pattern of the top gives a perfect contrast with its plain colour. Additional touches like the orange Lacoste wallet and white heels make the whole outfit complete. J

_______Outfit of the Day_______
Wallet: Lacoste
Heels: Vintage

As promised, here's the project i am talking about. This is just a massing (not rendered yet). :)

  I hope you guys enjoyed this post.. :)

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