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Monday, August 06, 2012

Photos By: Dream Catcher Media

I’ve been so lazy lately and I haven’t found time for my blog posts. I tried to cope with my blog posts but I’m so busy with many things in school.  Another reason of my laziness is the weather.  These past few days and weeks, it’s been raining so hard here in the Philippines and some of our classes were suspended due to floods at some area in Manila. With this cold weather, i just want to sleep and eat and
drink hot Chocó and watch movie! Don’t you love to do that? Anyway, I’ve seen on the news how Roxas Boulevard has been flooded and how those cars were jammed in there. It reminds me of my “backlogs” (blogs that i forgot to post). Few months ago, Pao and I did a mini shoot at the Roxas Boulevard which I was not able to post. So here are few photos that we took that day.

 After our class that day, we took a stroll by the bay to see the magnificent sunset. If you are from the Philippines, you will know right away that Roxas Boulevard is where the most beautiful sunset scene can be found. So we took Pao’s Nikon d7000 with us and tried to capture the breathtaking view of the sunset by the bay. Of course, I took the opportunity to shoot my OOTD at this beautiful place. What I am wearing is actually an outfit from school (because I don’t have time to change) but of course, I did not wear those heels to school. I just grabbed it at Pao’s car since it was stuck in there for a couple of days already. Harhar. Anyway, what I got that day is a 3/4 white leggings, a white cropped top and a glittery black top paired with my Dalmatian shoes.  The leggings and cropped top was a gift from my aunt in Hongkong which I love and enjoyed wearing soo much. It's very light fabric gave me no problem with the hot weather in our country. A little secret with my black top is, it’s not really a top but a dress! I tried to be little creative and innovative here. LOL. Well, since the legging’s fabric is light, of course I need to cover up some parts that are somewhat see through... harhar, and my solution is, wearing a mini dress as my top. LOL.

Outfit of the Day
Cropped top: from Hongkong
Leggings: from Hongkong
Glittery black top: from Hongkong
Eyewear: Rayban
Heels: Thrift Store

I hope you guys enjoyed this post.. :)

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