Ristorante delle Mitre

Monday, August 13, 2012

Photos By: Dream Catcher Media

Here’s another post from my backlogs (blogs I forgot to post). 2 or 3 months ago (I guess), Pao and I went to a Restaurant just around Intramuros. It was a small restaurant that is somewhat hidden because it stood along the queue of “carinderias”. You’ll never know it’s a fine dining Restaurant, not unless you enter the place! Here’s a brief description of their restaurant written on their placemats. J

“Ristorante delle Mitre is a place for Bishops to dine. But as bishops too must feed their flocks, so is everyone invited to partake of the Lord’s bounty. A place for dining and relaxation after a day’s toil, Ristorante delle Mitre is conceived as an outreach program of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference. It provides affordable menu for Intramuros workers at lunch break and fine dining for discerning patrons in the evening.”

The foods were superb! On our table were roasted chicken, lengua, bologne, squash soup and lemon iced tea! Believe it or not, the two of us finished all the dishes, harhar. We’re not that hungry eh? LOL. My favourite among the dishes was the squash soup. It’s very creamy and oh soo delicious. I tell you, it’s heaven! You guys must try it.

The ambience is one of a kind. Feels like you are dining at your own house. Their theme is somewhat rustic and classic. They have wooden ceilings, tables, chairs and rustic chandelier. What are you waiting for? Come and visit this place and experience what we have experienced, hehe. You can find this restaurant at CBCP Bldg. 470 Gen Luna St. , Intramuros Manila. 

Lemon iced tea!
delicious bologne
yummy goodness!
Lengua :)
big smile and full tummy, harhar
view of our ceiling, harhar

I hope you guys enjoyed this post.. :)

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4 sweet comments

  1. Love the historical feel of the place. The food looks good as well. :)


  2. I love your blog :D Well, how did you do the "continue reading" layout?

    1. thank you dear,. oh! try to check your layout settings. :) go to your dashboard then click the layout button, when it opens, you will notice the largest box (with "blog posts" label), look at the bottom and then click edit,.,. just explore,., (^-^) i hope this is helpful.., Good luck dear., Happy blogging.