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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

“ber” months is here! What’s on my mind? “Christmas”! (harhar, I always get too excited when it comes to Christmas celebration with all those foods and gifts you’ll receive for the season.) But before that, there’s the Halloween of course!! And that’s kind of like the concept of my photo shoot with dreamcatcher media the other week. The theme of our photo shoot reminds me of the movie
“nightmare before Christmas”. What do think? My romper was inspired by Jack’s outfit in the movie. Oh how I wish we thought of this concept on November. Harhar we’re a little bit ahead for the season, don’t you think? This could have been perfect for trick and treats!! Anyway, my backlogs’ (delayed posts) list is already empty so I don’t have really any choice but to post this plus, I really don’t want to wait for another month to post it. Harhar, maybe we could have another photo shoot for November only with different concept. Ummm how about zombie concept? Haha, I’ll think about it. (^-^)

Back to my “forsaken doll” peg, two weeks ago was a long weekend because of two holidays. So Pao and I planned to have a photo shoot at the cemetery near their house (haha do I sound weird? Having photo shoot at the cemetery? LOL) Of course I’m a little bit scared, but I don’t mind coz its daytime harhar. Anyway, my outfit is a black and white romper inspired by jack’s outfit as what I have said. And I’m wearing my Ghouko boots (haha, my classmates named it ghouko boots because it looks like San Ghouko’s boots in the anime “dragon balls”LOL)!! (^-^) These ensembles were all Hongkong brands from my lovely aunt.  And guess what? I did my own make-up! Harhar, it’s an achievement, so proud of myself harhar. What do you think of my a lil’ bit creative, innovative, artsy and insane make up? It makes the whole concept complete, am I right?!

_______Outfit of the Day_______
Romper: HongKong brand
Boots: HongKong Brand

Stuff toy: Trixie’s Bunny (harhar)

  I hope you guys enjoyed this post.. :)

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