Dinner at Max's

Friday, September 28, 2012

Pao and I had dinner at the famous Maxs restaurant last week. As far as I could remember, from school we went out to look for something sweet to eat and we unintentionally passed by this restaurant. The plan was to order all deserts but their menus were irresistible so we went for a heavy meal instead, harhar. Oh well, we forgot about diet for a while and ordered for a fried chicken and Pancit Bihon.
We also ordered for their desert sampler which includes 4 enticing creations. There’s the buko pandan salad, leche flan, brownies topped with vanilla ice cream and ube (my favourite) all in one platter. Its funny how we seriously talked about our diet but we couldnt help but eat and eat!! Can’t you believe that? Oh food, delicious yummy food why you so enticing? How could you we say NO? Harhar.  Anyway, Intramuros branch of Maxs was I guess one of their pioneer branches. The look and theme of their interiors were incredibly pretty. The chairs and tables were (as usual) elegant and classy. But what caught my attention when we entered the place was this very creative wall paper. You could sense the historic feel of the place because what’s on it was their menus way back when they have just started. Can you believe that their menus before ranges from 1 to 5 pesos? Amazing right?? See the photos to prove yourself.  This restaurant is proudly “pinoy”. Isn’t it nice that we do have a high class cuisine here in our country that we could be proud of? Blaaaaah blaaah I guess I already talked a lot. Haha, while writing this post I could feel my stomach rumbling so I guess I have to stop here, harharhar. Go get your meals people! Byebye! Enjoy the photos. xoxo

  I hope you guys enjoyed this post.. :)

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