Grey Sunday

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

My backlogs (blogs I was not able to post)are finally about to end! Yay this is second to the last on the backlogs list (^-^). Just this morning I cleaned up my desktop and I found these photos. I think I already posted these photos on facebook but I guess it will be worth sharing it on my blog as well. These photos were taken at Bonifacio High, Global City (Philippines). Are you familiar of Serendra? It’s a
really cool place where you could do almost everything you need to do. They have a strip mall where you could shop from your favourite signature brands to local and thrift stores. If you are into eating, they also have fabulous restaurants, coffee shops, and fine dining. And then there’s the long stretch of park in between the strip mall which I guess the best attraction of the place. You could find people there walking their dogs, taking pictures or just simply hanging around this beautiful place. Pao, I and his youngest sister went here for the holy week holiday (harhar, MANN! I know this post is off the season already but I have to post it! Harhar nakakahiya naman “ber” months na pala). Anyway, we just did a little wandering that day and spend more time eating and picture taking. Well, I don’t need to elaborate because this post is getting longer. Harhar, just see the photos to know what we’re up to.  And oh, nothing’s really fashionable that day, just me in a simple top and jeans. (^-^)

_______Outfit of the Day_______
Jeans: Crissa Jeans
Top: Hongkong Brand
Eyewear: Ray Ban

  I hope you guys enjoyed this post.. :)

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