Moss + Polka dots

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Moss green shorts plus black polka dot top, who says it matches? I never thought these colours would complement each other but when I put it on, oh well...there’s nothing more to say. Anyway, remember I told you on my previous blog that my backlogs (delayed blogs) are about to end? I am happy to tell you that this is the last from the list!!! (^o^) Hooray!! This outfit is also the last from the Née yam’s
Chic Collection that I modelled for La mode Vestimentaire. And since this post is already late, I’m sorry to tell you that this item is already sold out (-.-). Sorry, but for the sake of cleaning up my backlogs I have to post it, bwahaha. (^o^)

Alright, enough about my blaah blaah blaahs. Going back to the outfit, I am wearing La mode Vestimentaire apparel (of course). Polka dot blouse and moss green shorts paired with my red Gibi heels. If you have noticed, I already wore these heels on my previous outfit posts, here, and here. That is because, those entire outfits I modelled for La mode Vestimentaire’s Née yams Chic collection are all taken at the same day. Which means, I have to joggle on few pairs of shoes and these red Gibi heels is my favourite (meaning I get to use it the most for the entire photo shootJ). Though these shoes are already abused by me, you will still get to see it on my later posts, (until it gives up, harhar). Anyway, I guess for now this will be my last post for La mode Vestimentaire. Hopefully I’d get to have another photo shoot for their latest collections, haha. Let’s look forward to that. toodless!!  (^-^)

_______Outfit of the Day_______
Heels: Gibi Shoes
Hat: Beverly

  I hope you guys enjoyed this post.. :)

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  1. hello hello hello:) love Your shoes! thanks for commnet on my blog, and join me to my followwrs too, I'm Your new follower on blog and on fb:)