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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Remember that good news I’ve been telling you (on this post)? Here it is. I bring you a sneak peek on my photo shoot at the Pro Model Manila studio. If you have been following me on instagram (@seventhbliss) and twitter (@seventhbliss), I’ve posted several times about my screening and photo shoots about this so few of these photos are already familiar. Here’s the good news, I have been qualified and accepted as a model at Pro Model Manila. Clap clap clap!

Pro Model TV is the Philippines first online LIVE TALENT TV CHANNEL. Showcasing aspiring models, stylists, creative designers and hair and make-up artists, producing talents for the fashion and film industry. Our strategies Boost your chances of being spotted by top companies within the industry.
Our Fashion shows and runway competitions are Exclusive live events and held periodically throughout the year and are attended by agency representatives, casting directors, independent film directors, producers, advertising agencies, and various clients from within the industry.

Pro Model TV provides a place to demonstrate your talent and show off your look, a platform to pursue dreams and to attain a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain international exposure.
-texts from

These photos are just random shots from Pao’s phone (sorry about the low quality). We are not able to bring a camera that day huhu (-.-). But I promise you, I will be posting here on my blog the official photos as soon as it appears on PMTV’s page (I hope they will allow me to share their photos, huhu). There are two photo shoots that day. One is a casual shot which I wore the dress on these photos and another is a themed shot which they provided the props and outfit. I can’t wait for the official photos to come out!!

PS: I am looking for sponsors for Pro Model Manila’s upcoming event, the “Mr.  & Ms. Pro Model Philippines” and “Pro Model Fashion Week Awards”. If you are interested to be my sponsor, please contact me by clicking here. Just leave a message and I will send you a copy of the sponsorship form with the list of benefits you can get out of this event.
I need your support (^-^) pretty please...

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