2013 Hair Trend Guide

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

“I’m undaunted in my quest to amuse myself by constantly changing my hair.” –Hillary Clinton
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Hair is our crowning glory. The hairstyles and colour we pick for our hair speaks a great deal about us---our personality. It is even more personal than the clothes we wear. And, like clothing, much of that comes along to what’s in fashion each season as well as what suits you best. In this article, I’m going to show you different hair trends for 2013, and how and where to get that perfect look for you.

 Fringe or Bangs
Big Bang for Bangs! From quirky to sophisticated look, fringe has never failed to satisfy our crowning glory.  It has been persistent on the hair trend list for the previous years.  And yes, fringes will still be an “it” style for 2013.
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Perfect Season: Spring and beyond
The Bob
Bob is the Bomb! This hairstyle had already made its mark for decades but this year, its back in a versatile and modern way. If you are planning for a shorter hair for this year, among the short haircuts list, the bob is the winner! By having this, you could achieve a simple, clean cut yet bolder. It would be perfect for anyone who has a strong and outgoing personality.
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Perfect Season: Spring, summer
Platinum Coloured Hair
On the previous year, neon and pastels has given us superb and star struck look not only with the clothes we wear but it has already influenced even our hair style. Colours are shouting “glory!” for this year as well. Brighter and bolder hair colours are for sure a big hit all throughout the year. Among the colours, Bloody red is already beginning its way to stardom.  Other than this, blue, purple, and bronze will also be big for this year--- and for an instant Sophieof ANTM (America’s Next Top Model) also introduced us a pink hair!
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Perfect season: Spring, fall, winter
Long Hair
Long hair never misses its spot on the hair trend list, even on the runway. Every girl’s favourite hair I guess is a super long hair because you can do almost any style or hairdo to it. The trend on the runways suggests a hair length that just reaches or covers the breasts, to achieve a hint of goddess-like or mermaid-like look.
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Perfect Season: Fall, winter

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