Hair Extensions: Getting a Hollywood Look!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

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Changing color, style and even the length of your hair over the course of just a couple days? How is it possible? Hollywood icons and goddesses like Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardasian and myriad others constantly astonish  us with their new and variety of hairstyles over the years. Have you not wondered how they change hairstyle too fast?
Yesterday, they have shorter hair and then the next day, a longer hair. How do they do it? Is this some sort of Abracadabra? Naaa… The magic is on the various types of hair extensions they use.

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 Hair extensions have been used extensively all over the world. They are so popular that Mademoiselles all over the world recognize that it is possible to give their current look a lift and voila a fabulous outlook! The thing is, women if bored under their short hair would come to a rescue of having any coiffure they desire with the aid of hair extensions. The main purpose of extensions is to lengthen your hair but you can also do various things with it. Others use it in different hairstyles like updo, loose style and braids, bouffant and even bow bun hairstyles.  It may also be used;
·         As a remedy for medical hair loss
·         To add volume to fine and thin hair
·         To fix bleached and broken hairs
·         Extensions add extra volume to your hair.
·         You can plunge into the water without having to worry about your extensions. Extension seams will not show in water.
·         Flattening irons and curling tongs can be used all through the hair as long as you are cautious enough to avoid the bonds.
·         Highlights or hair color can also be applied on hair extensions.
·         Applying or using extensions isn't painful.

Hair extensions are a bit expensive depending on the type or grade you will need for your hair. There are synthetic types and there are also those that are 100 % human hair. But of course human hair is more expensive than synthetic ones. Wide variety of these can be acquired at SHOP HAIR EXTENSIONS. They offer Clip in Hair Extensions, Brazilian Hair Extensions, Micro Loop Hair Extensions, Hair Weave Extensions, Pre Bonded Hair Extensions, Tape Hair Extensions, and even Wigs.  They also have human hair extensions! All these are available at
These are just a few of what you can see on their site. SHOP NOW!

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