The Revolution of Blogging spreads over Philippines.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Shiny SeventhBliss
First when blogging was something that was done and managed only online gurus and high-end companies , it impressed several countries like Philippines , India , China and Africa etc.
But now its being spreading all over Philippines and day by day the count goes on increasing.
Read on about the Revolution..

Long before when blogs were counted upon by online companies, Filipinos were much impressed and now each and every online user who have an internet access and a PC blogs.
Most of them blogs about their experience and the relevant trends. There is no doubt that the IT industry on the country is increasing and going wild.

I'm Zion Amal from India , a blogger with my techno blog CyTricks. I have seen many curious and improving bloggers from Philippines just like the CEO of SeventhBliss - Shiny. She is a one with great calculations and curiosity.

I'm pretty sure that in the IT field , the country will almost come face to face with US and UK in the near future. They are experimenting and developing their techno side more and more which they have balanced the competition with India now itself.

I'm not jealous but i'm pretty happy and satisfied with the development to the country. I'm pretty sure that Filipinos will be an inspiration to sleepy countries in the IT field which might help them in the future.
Good luck Filipinos.. :)

This article is a guest post and if you wish to read more blogging and internet trick articles , visit CyTricks by Zion Amal.

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  1. Cool! I agree, because of the popularity of blogging, there are so many job hiring Cebu openings!