Tinkerbell in White

Monday, February 04, 2013

photos by Pao Salandanan
Oh there’s too many beautiful shots that we took few weeks back when we attended a wedding of my boyfriend’s cousin. I don’t even know how to sort all these photos. If I could only post all those picture perfect here on my blog I would but it won’t fit (-.-) huhu. Anyway, let me just share the “bestest” of all the best photos I had for this event (sorry this would be a quite long post). I think it’s my first time to attend a catholic wedding since I have a different religion but I find it really nice. That day, Pao and I also had an extra day job because we accidentally became the emcees that day, lol. Though I was surprised with that
task, I find it really fun because we got to mingle with many people and made them laugh somehow. It’s actually a hectic day because I have to travel very early, host a program, dress up, and even make-upped Pao’s little sis, were even late during the ceremonyL. I was too busy that I forgot to take my outfit shots! Grrr. How could I ever forget?? (-.-)

Pao and I still managed to arrange a photo shoot for this particular outfit. We went to the beautiful Ayala triangle just around Makati. What I wore that day was this very sophisticated white dress from Romwe. Hooray! I am officially a Romwe girlJ. If you have noticed I’ve been promoting Romwe Sale lately and part of that, I was given freebies for doing so. And I am so happy to show you the first free dress I got from their shop. This dress came on my mail 2 days before the wedding and I was so happy because I haven’t really prepared for the event.  Don’t you just love the oh-so-sexy cut on the back? Super love the design plus the fabric is very light. No hassle for me, except for finding the right bra to wear. I used a stick-on bra for this one. I then paired it with my favourite heels and my favourite heart shaped bag that was given to me by Pao last year. I still have so much to say but I don’t want to bore you so I guess I’ll just save it for the next post. Enjoy the photos! (^-^)

_______Outfit of the Day______
Dress: Romwe
Lipstick: YSL
Make-up: Revlon

Here are some of the photos we had during the wedding (^-^). Sorry for some photos with low quality, this is what happens when your camera circulates into just anybody else's hands, lol. 
I hope you guys enjoyed this post.. :)
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3 sweet comments

  1. Your dress is so pretty! It really is like tinkerbell in white.


  2. i really really love your shoes. i want to have that same style. where can i find?