Travelogue: Antonia Island Resort

Monday, May 20, 2013

"Once I dive in, I dive in all the way."
-Carly Fiorina 

SNORKELING. Okay, back to my Isla Gigantes series. I can’t get enough of my summer vacation and my memory at that sweet island is still fresh. As a matter of fact as I am writing this entry right now, I am missing Gigantes so badly, huhu... (-.-) blaaah blaah blaah, never mind me. So where did I stop last time? Aaah, second stop of our Island Hopping! From the magical sand bar, let me now welcome you to my Island, Antonia Island Resort, (chos!! Haha) I kid, I kid.

We went snorkelling at Antonia Island and it was AH-mazing!! It’s my first time to try and so you could imagine how thrilled I am.  There’s a lot of fish in different colors and it’s like in the game Feeding Frenzy, harhar. The corals on the sea bed are beautiful too. I wish I have an underwater camera so I could show you how beautiful it is. It’s like a whole new world down under, so pretty! After we fed the colourful fishes, it’s now time to feed our tummy with fish! (Hahaha, kawawang fish!) For lunch, we had chicken adobo, inihaw fish and giant crabs! Yum yum for my tum tum, hehe. Now that our tummy is full, we make use of our remaining time picture taking and took advantage of the view. It’s like mini boracay, only without those foreigners and suffocating crowd. If I only have millions, it is such a beautiful place to have. Unfortunately this island has already been purchased and we paid 20 pesos for the entrance fee. Paradise is only for 20 pesos so why not come and visit?

UP NEXT: Have you seen a lagoon at the middle of the ocean? Let me show you, so please comeback and don’t miss the next post. (^-^)

How to get to Isla GigantesCLICK HERE. For list of Island fees and resort ratesCLICK HERE. For more travel info, packages and resort inquiry, you can contact Christopher Salao, moderator of “The GigantesExperience” or Joel Decano, tourism officer of Carles, Iloilo.

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