Dark Side

Monday, July 08, 2013

"The woman's perspective is like the dark side of the moon: it always exists, but it is never exposed, at least not in my culture." -Ang Lee 
Photos by pao salandanan
CATCHING UP. Its vacation, Hurray!!---Oopss I guess just for me, hehe. Unlike other schools, Mapua Institute of Technology---my school--- has “quarterm” system. That means we have 4 semesters in 1 year while other schools has only 2 semesters. Yup, you read it right. We enrol 4 times a year and we have vacation break every 3 months. It may sound cool but I tell you, it’s freakin’ NOT. Just think of the pressure and stress we encounter because of our frantic schedules compressed in just 3 months! Well, if you are a Mapuan, you’ll understand what I am talking about. That’s the reason why I can’t update my beloved blog often. But don’t worry; I’m back with lots of surprises and new stories to tell. Are you ready?

Last June 15, I was invited by Big Blog exchange to meet up with the lucky winner of their contest. Big Blog Exchange is an international contest where in bloggers from all over the world swap blogs and exchange lives for a couple of days. Take for example; the winner from Philippines goes to Germany and vice versa. Cool right? Wish I have won too. (-.-) Still, I am happy to be part of this event and lucky enough to meet new friends. I will talk more about the event on the next post. For the mean time, here’s what I wore to the event: new fashion finds from my dearest sponsor, romwe! I hope you like it.
_______Outfit of the Day_______
Dress: DIY-ed Romwe
Sunnies: Romwe
Rings: Romwe
Clutch: Atmosphere
Isnt this cut-outs on back just perfect? I was quite inspired doing a DIY myself lately so i thought cutting slits on this dress would make it look more sexier.
 Another amazing find from Romwe! A bootie slash wedge! I really love the design, especially the strap part. It makes me think of something military, add to that the color of it. Hehe, this turned out to be my fave shoes lately.
 Here's how the dress looks like in front. I believe it is called a "mullet dress", please correct me if i'm wrong. 
 Haven't you noticed? I love wearing cut-out dresses lately. Just like here: Tinkerbell in white and Big Grin for Green. For me, it really looks sexy and edgy.
 The fabric of this dress is cotton so if you cut it out like this, it does not rip. So you don't have to worry. Actually the thinner cuts are just slits. I just stretched the fabric so that the cuts will show.
This triple skull ring came on my mail few weeks back. And since i dont really wear rings, i decided to sell this. I just wear it for the event and for modelling purposes. If you are interested, just send me a message at jerkyshine_09@yahoo.com or just leave a message below. Sorry about the photo. I was quite hyper in doing these shots hahaha. 
 A closer look at the detail of my dress plus my gorge rounded sunnies! Those tiger head studs on my dress are so cute. simple but stunning right? It doesn't over-do the outfit. 
 By the way folks, i dyed my hair into blonde! LOL, i'm just kidding. Well at least in this photo it does because of the spot light on top of my head.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post.. :)
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  1. the shoes looks really great when I saw it. :)
    see you soon girl.


  2. Wow.... Love your look from head to toe!! Amazing extravagant shoes.... perfect!! Check out my blog... and what do you think... do you wanna follow each other?

  3. that was my first thought - so much pressure for a 3 month course!
    love your style..and i use a nikon d5100
    Catch me here
    insta - @debi_flysongbird
    let me know if you follow me :) i follow back

    1. followed you back on gfc, bloglovin, fb and twitter..

  4. Hey (: Thanks for commenting on my blog, love your outfit it's so chic and sexy! The heels look amazing too, you look so pretty. x Followed you on bloglovin , do follow back (: xx


  5. wow!!! you look beautefull!:) fantastic photos:)
    thank you for your comment:) with pleasure follow you now and on facebook also (with my personal account:)

  6. wauw, you are stunning! thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. yes, i would like to follow each other on bloglovin and gfc. i'm following you now, and i'm waiting for you to do the same!

    Hugs Signe

  7. this is aggressive look, i like it :)
    Nice to meet you, I'm your new follower Valentina :) if you want visit my italian blog and follow me :)
    thank you very much!!!

  8. Pretty! Love your shoes! It complements the simplicity of the outfit! Nice photos! :)

    Grace the Scribbling Mannequin