Travelogue: Where 2 Next Manila Hostel

Friday, July 19, 2013

"Great discoveries are usually obvious." -Phil Crosby  
photos by Pao Salandan
NEWEST DISCOVERY. The event I was talking about on the previous post was held at the Where 2 Next Manila Hostel located in Malate, Manila. Where2next Manila Hostel provides short term accommodation to travellers, particularly encouraging outdoor activities and cultural exchange for the young. Guests could rent a bed (sometimes a bunk bed) in a dormitory and share bathroom, kitchen, and lounge rooms. Private rooms are available too. It lines along with the different pubs, bars, hotels and restaurants along Adriatico st.

Most of the time, when we hear the word “hostel” or “motel”, Filipinos has different impression to it. But this one is different! It ain’t what most Filipinos think of. It actually is a dorm-like hostel. They have rooms for groups of 6, 12, even 14! Double deck beds, common areas, and long dining table available! --- Just like a typical dormitory!  If you are a commuter and are looking for cheap accommodation, this will be perfect for your budget. The owner told us that their rate is only 500 per head for 1 night!  But hey, when I say cheap, that doesn’t mean, the quality is being compromised. As a matter of fact, when we get there, there are more foreign costumers compared to local costumers. That proves how good and satisfying their service is. Anyhoo, if you are not convinced yet, allow me to tour you around the place. 
Behind me is their reception area. This is what you'll see first when you enter the place.
Adjacent to the reception, they have a bar where you and your friends could hang and grab some drinks.
Isn't this chalk art on their wall look nice? (^-^) Look, they also have a dart board! hehe i'm not sure though if they allow playing there.
I love how they put attention to these tiny details. These could be found on their lobby.
 Adjacent to the lobby is a staircase leading upstairs to another common area and rooms.
 Holla!! This cozy common area will greet you on the second floor. I really love the "feel at home" set-up of this place. 
 Guests get comfortable easily and I could guess how they truly love the place. Just look at that wall overflowing with scribbles and graffiti.  Behind that wall is also full of messages from their satisfied costumers.  And oh, notice those lockers? See, I told you, it's really some kind of a dormitory hostel. (^-^)
 On the other side of the room, i was really amazed by this stunning furniture. (On my mind, "gosh! i have to take outfit shots here *insert giggling face here" LOL ). Isn't it perfect? Most of my outfit-of-the-day photos were taken here which you have already discovered on this post: Dark Side . By the way, see that window behind? There is an overlooking restaurant below.
 Now, lets take a peek on the rooms. 

They have 6 room types.
- 14 Share Dorm (Ensuite)
- 6 Share Female Dorm (Ensuite)
- 6 Share Male Dorm (Ensuite)
- Private Twin Room (Shared bathroom)
- Private Triple Room (Shared bathroom)

 This is the biggest room they have ---good for 14! Still on the second level.
 Every room has different artworks. Love this colorful wall behind me.
 The beds are labeled with letters!---how organized and cute!
 Now lets go up to the third floor! On the way up, you could find these cute wall clocks with different time from different countries. For sure you'll never lost track of your time---very helpful especially for foreign guests.
 Another floor, another common area! They have wall graffiti everywhere! Flying colors are everywhere to lighten and cheer you up. (^-^)
 They also have books available for you to read on your free time and quiet hours.
 Smaller rooms for group of four. Perfect for your budget!
 Notice that embossed name? It says Tokyo! Welcome to Tokyo room! Every room has different signage---others are named Seoul, Amsterdam, Melbourne, etc. How nice!
 Meet Vicky---the owner! She's a very nice and bubbly lady. We asked her to pose and model for her hostel in this photo! Harhar, soo cute! Thanks Vicky for making our short visit comfy and worthwhile.
Of course, this post wont end without having a pose with the lovely owner and new found blogger friends. (^-^)
Where 2 Next Manila Hostel is located at 1776 M. Adriatico Street, Malate, Manila Philippines 1004. They are open 24/7. For reservations, you can visit them at or contact them at :

Address: 1776 M. Adriatico Street, Malate, Manila Philippines 1004
Landline: +63 2 3543533
Mobile: +63 927 3749318 or +63 933 2177159
They recommend that you proceed to the departures area, where metered taxis would normally cost around PHP150 – PHP300.

They recommend the official yellow taxis of the airport, which will cost around PHP250-PHP400 to the hostel. The yellow taxis are organized and record your destination and details of your taxi. This will help you later on if you need to contact the driver for any reason. Other taxis, on the other hand, do not have this facility, but if metered, would normally cost lower, around PHP150 – PHP300.

There are taxis at the arrivals area and would cost around PHP150-300.

The booking/reservation for a bus to Manila is located at the departure area. There, you will find an area where staff is receiving payments for a bus ride to Manila (PHP400.00). This is an air-conditioned bus and it will take you to Pasay. The last trip of bus from Clark to Manila is at 8:30PM. There are 3 buses going to Manila from Clark:

Once in Manila (Pasay) bus terminal, you can ride a metered taxi on your way to Malate. The approximate taxi fare is around PHP150 – PHP300.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post.. :)
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