Twosome Bluesome 2

Thursday, September 12, 2013

For my second look, I took off the strap of my shoes and viola--- it turned into a wedge! Don’t you just love the versatility of these shoes? Now that it looks more casual so I tend to change my outfit as well into a daintier look. A skirt and loose top this time! This number was actually what I wore to the party proper of Pao’s sister. Now see how my top has also changed. It’s the same top I used on my first look. Want to know how I did it? It’s actually very simple! On the first look, I just tied the sleeves to my back and untied it, wore the sleeves for my second look! Harhar, Im a genius, ain’t I? LOL okay, It’s just me. Sareeh!! Harhar.

________Outfit of the Day_______
Top: DIY-ed La mode Vestimentaire
Skirt: Two Key Int’l
Shoes: Mart of China
Watch: Keith Cole
I hope you guys enjoyed this post.. :)
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