Travelogue: Jurong Bird Park

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"Birds are a miracle because they prove to us there is a finer, simpler state of being which we may strive to attain." -Doug Coupland

FLYING COLORS. Let me bring you to the wild for today’s lengthy post. While in Singapore, my sister and I went to Jurong Bird Park to catch a glimpse of one of the largest bird sanctuary in the world. It’s a 20.2 hectares bird paradise which would actually take you a whole long day of striding and peeking through every cages and areas. My sister who has already been there was the one who toured me around which saved me a lot of effort and time. Since we have too little time but too many places to go to, she only showed me the key attractions of the park.

 From our hostel, we took the train to Harbor Front together with my sister's office friend.
On the way to Jurong, we passed by CapitaMall. One of the most interesting architecture in Singapore. Unfortunately we were not able to go there but to have a glimpse of that building is enough for me, haha. This view though, isn't that attractive but the other side of it is quite interesting.
It was already past 1 o'clock when we reached Jurong so we all had hungry tummy then. My sister told me that they have great Laksa in this restaurant so we stopped by and pig out.
 Trying out Singaporean food is in my bucket list so I took this very opportunity to try one.
 And I wasn't disappointed. This is the best Singaporean food I've tasted so far. This is a must try if you are planning to go to Singapore. Don't miss it!!
Happy tummy!!
 After lunch, we took bus number 194 to Jurong Bird Park. What I love most about Singapore's transportation system is how highly organized it is. Every bus number has a particular destination and time schedule which will guide you all the way if you are a commuter. You'll never get lost.
 Yay!! Welcome to the biggest bird sanctuary, Jurong Bird Park! That's my sister striking a pose after we descended from the bus.
 See those arches made of ferns, vines and orchids behind us? It feels like we're in the middle of a fairy land.  This lovely backdrop will greet you on the entrance of the park. 
 Lovely street signs to guide you :)
 We bought our ticket at the Visitor service area. There are different packages you could choose from. We had the 2-in-1 package: Bird park + Night Safari which cost us 49$ each.
Upon entry, we were given this map. This would give you an idea how big the whole area is.
 First stop is Penguin Cost! Well, what do you expect to see there?....
 PENGUINS of course! tehehe
 It's a large glass aquarium packed with penguins where you could see them gliding, swimming and sleeping. They looked like stuffed toys! Makes me want to squeeze them, LOL.
 After a glimpse with the penguins, my sister told me that we'd rather took the tram to circulate the area since  it's a 20.2 hectares paradise! You must be a really good athlete if you could cover the whole area through walking. LOL. Here we go, hop in peeps. Lets take a ride.
 Giant cages for variety of birds species! We get to see lots of these on our tram ride.
 And finally we stopped at the second station to see the African Waterfall Aviary. See the tram behind us? Its longer than I thought! Anyhoo, that's me and my sister cam-whoring  LOL. We are the foreigners in this country so, who cares? 
 Welcome to the African Aviary where the tallest man-made waterfalls is located.
 Touristy pose with sistah. :)
 Spot this Aztec trash bin, I find it really cute. I love how they put extra effort to these little detail.
 Everywhere you can find these fellas out from their cage. 
 On the way out of the Aviary, we met these people, LOL. They won't pose with me though so I took their pots for props. haha
 Spotted this travelling photographer. Aahh.,. I envy his gadget right there. Wish I had one of these too.
 Our next stop was, the Pelican cove! 
Pelicans all over the place!! Its my first time to see them in person.
 Trolling my sister, LOL.
 After a tiring walk, we went to the amphitheater to catch the High Flyers' Show. I have told you that my sister has already been here so she knew the time schedules of the show. Hence, we were the first ones to arrive and positioned ourselves on the front row for a high definition viewing, LOL. After a while, the area was jam packed with people so I am really thankful that we are very lucky to score the front seats.
 Meet Babba, the bird!--not the man, harhar. He can fetch things and fly through loops!
And his partner which I forgot the name. He can do tricks too.
 Here's Babba and his match on a shooting game! They are dropping those balls on the hole of the tree bark.
 And the next act was this singing parrot. Guess what he's singing? Singapore's National Anthem! LOL. Amazing bird!
 A whole lot of acts followed and they are all spectacular! It includes fetching, synchronize flying, flying through loops, etc. Oh... If only I could fit all those photos here, I would post it here! But I am really having a hard time sorting them.
The grand finale was this grand parade of different birds, pelicans and the most awaited, flamingos! 
 Of course I won't miss a pose with the flamingos! I told you on the previous post that I was giddy about seeing them in person.
 After the show, we passed by more bird cages and this one has to be my favorite. I forgot ho it was called but look at those colors, aren't they stunning? And those long beaks and feathers are mesmerizing!
 Another favorite, these colorful macaws.
 And our last stop, was the Flamingo Lake! I cant believe it, I used to see them only in photos and magazines but now, I got to see them in person! They are real royalties! It was truly a fun-filled encounter with these majestic birds. It makes me appreciate more the beauty of God's unfathomable wonders and creation. 

  I hope you guys enjoyed this post.. :)

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