Travelogue: My Singapore Rush

Monday, October 07, 2013

"No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow." -Lin Yutang 

THE ARRRIVAL. Now that you have already discovered what i wore to the airport on my Singapore trip last July 17, this time let me share my travel experience. As what i have mentioned on the previous post, July is my birth month and i have received a very special gift from my sister---a trip to Singapore! It was my first time to travel abroad so i was a little bit fidgety (okay, i was frenzied and twitchy! Harhar). I left manila at past 3:00 in the afternoon and arrived in Singapore at around 7:00 PM but the sun is still up! How crazy, I was instantly in love with the country.

So, lets start with packing! These are some of the things i brought to my trip. Fave sunnies from romwe, Channel blush, instagram-ish journal, and nautical bag.
My sister went ahead of me last July 14 so i have to travel alone and we just arranged to meet each other at the airport’s meeting point. I was a bit scared because i am not familiar with Changi International airport since it was my first time there.
Thankfully, after almost half an hour, we finally met.
From the Changi International Airport, we took the train to Tanah Merah, took another train to Outram Park.
It was amazing how travel system in Singapore are planned and organized. You surely wont be lost.
We get off at the Chinatown station and walked for about 3 minutes to our hostel.
Once we were out of the station, these castle-like and colorful building greeted us. It was beautiful especially at night. And Behind those buildings is where we stayed.
Chinatown at night is simply stunning!! don't you think?
That's me and my sister waiting for the GO green light. While waiting, we took photos and took advantage of the lovely backdrop.
Our hostel is situated at Mosque st. China town.
We stayed at the Wink hostel.
We checked in...
and went straight to our room! And look at the hue! its pink,., my fave color!!!
After unloading our stuff, we went out to get some food at the Lucky Chinatown.
We crossed on the other side of the road by taking this sky-walk. How lovely, its more like a park. How i wish we have sky-walks like these too in the Philippines.
At the skywalk, you could see the lovely city in dancing lights. So magical.
See what i am holding?? that is actually what we got for dinner, huhu because were not lucky enough to find a restaurant since it was already late. I cant remember what its called (the food) though. All i remember was it taste like a pizza crust. *sigh
After a quick escape, we went back to our hostel and head back to our beds. zzzzzzzzz

UP NEXT: first day of Adventure in Singapore, so watch out for it. :)

I hope you guys enjoyed this post.. :)
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