Travelogue: Pinnacle at Duxton

Saturday, October 12, 2013

"Life is either a great adventure or nothing." -Helen Keller 
MORNING WALKS. My first morning in Singapore was quiet an adventure. We left our hostel at around 8 in the morning and take a short walk to where my sister’s seminar venue was. When we reached the bus stop, she asked me to wait her there at the station because she will just say goodbye to her colleagues. I thought she will return immediately but I waited for soooo long-----------------------------and since I was a bit fidgety on my first day, I decided to look around the area and jump start my Singapore adventure. Across to where the bus station is, are five beautiful skyscrapers interconnected to each other by means of sky garden bridges. I was intrigued by it so I took courage to go across and see what those gardens look like. Here are some of the photos I took up there. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Across to where I sat was this beautiful view of the Pinnacle. I was told that this is a low-cost housing provided by the government but it doesn't look like one to me. What do you think? These structures are too luxurious to be called "low-cost".
As I sat waiting for my sister, this lovely car passed by and went directly to the Pinnacle's parking. Whoa!! so,,.. is this what they call low-cost housing? with residents who owns luxurious cars??
here's another one!! An audi!!
I told you that i was bored so i crossed the street and take a glimpse of the garden at the Pinnacle. And I was greeted by this stunning view! If only I had my babe with me, I would beg to have my outfit shots here.
I took the stairs and viola!!! pretty landscapes!
At the center, is this Heritage Garden with  facts about Singapore written on those art walls.
Spot the workout facilities, cool right? If I were one of the residents here, you would most probably see me in this area all the time. :)
Look at this! It could have been a lovely backdrop for my outfit shots!! *sigh.. This area is perfect for reading books and quiet moments don't you think?
What I love about this place was the landscape was perfectly arranged and there are variations of levels which would really entice you to have a look around. Am I really on top of a building? or a hilly place?
READ! I was surprised by this fact.
Across the Pinnacle are also residential buildings.
Haha, see that red bench? That is where I put my camera on self-timer mode to take my outfit shots.
woot! Another Audi coming into the Pinnacle's carpark. See, i told you. this building is a low-cost housing that only the rich could afford. Hahaha And oh, did you know that this building appears on the National Anthem video of Singapore? :) This must have been a significant structure in Singapore.
Okay, so finally my sister is back after almost an hour. We walked back to our hostel because she and her colleague wants to change outfit.
On our way back, we passed by this eye's candy structure. Its a temple! Just look at those intricate details and variety of colors.
Saw these pigeons and decided to play with them. I ran to scare them but my attempt wasn't successful. Whats wrong with you birds? Go FLY!!!!! ugghh,,. Are pigeons in Singapore, really this tamed?

I hope you guys enjoyed this post.. :)
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