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Friday, September 06, 2013

Photo grabbed from the inspiration room
ROAR. I'm sure you all heard of Katy Perry’s latest single, “ROAR”. Anybody got LSS (Last Song Syndrome) here? Raise your hands!!! LOL. Ahh... I cant stop singing it. Its been the buzz all over the net, social networks and radios. Even the fashion world has been influenced by it too.  So why I am bubbling about this? Well, I know you guys have been hunting for tiger-inspired look too and I am here to end your hunting woes. Lately I have discovered this amazing online shop---Persunmall--- which sells variety of garb that would surely satisfy your fashion desires. From
dress, shoes, bags, to accessories --name it, they have it. I personally fell in love with their shoes since i am a sucker for shoes. Harhar.  Anyhoo... lets get back to that roaring thing. I skimmed into their shop and find out that they have animal print pieces. So, as inspired as I am with that ROAR song, I took time to collect these tiger inspired favorites from their shop and put them together.  Here, I have prepared two numbers for you to slobber on. Hope you guys will be inspired too with these combos.

Fierce madness!! Spot those vicious tiger prints. Don't you just love the attitude of this number? No more extra effort needed, all you have to do is put it on and you’ll rock!!! Pieces like these are perfect get-up for autumn--- sweater + leggings to protect you from the chilly weather. Plus look at those colors, ain't it shouting “autumn is here!”?

If you are looking for comfy outfit for a date, afternoon walks and tea time or shopping day, then this must be what you are looking for. Flat shoes for comfortable long walks and a little black dress with a tiger twist for easy moving. I am sure everybody’s gonna hear you ROAR with this combo.

To find out more gorgeous pieces, go to and you’ll be surprised with what you can haul from their shop. What are you waiting for? SHOP NOW

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