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Monday, September 09, 2013

"I dress for the image. Not for myself, not for the public, not for fashion, not for men." -Marlene Dietrich
TWO-IN-ONE. Week ago, my new wedge from Mart of China has finally arrived. I thought it was already lost because I waited for it for sooo long. And now it’s here, I can’t consume my happiness! I love every bit of it that I was so inspired to prepare not just one but TWO outfit wearing it. It’s a wedge slash booties because of its detachable strap.  You can either remove the strap or not depending on the outfit you wear and on the look that you wanted to achieve. May it be sporty or casual! Cool ei?? Here I have prepared two outfit inspirations for you guys. Enjoy!!

FIRST LOOK: Outdoor Preppy
On this number, I wore this lovely shoe with its strap on. Paired with short shorts and comfy top to achieve a sporty look! I actually wore these on my way to my Babe’s sister’s birthday celebration. It could be a travel or outdoor outfit. Notice my top? It’s a two-in-one piece too! See it later on my second look and be surprised by how I transformed it into another look.

________Outfit of the Day_______
Top: DIY-ed La mode Vestimentaire
Shorts: Grabbed from my sister
Bag: Bazzar
Watch: Keith Cole

I hope you guys enjoyed this post.. :)
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2 sweet comments

  1. this is a very interesting top! It looks wonderful in 2 versions. Look lovely!