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Sunday, November 17, 2013

LOST IN THE CITY. It was Saturday morning, my sister and I went to look for an Adventist Church in Singapore to attend the Sabbath service. Unfortunately, we got lost and our map and GPS wasn't that helpful enough. I was very dependent to my sister because I thought she knew the place and that, that wasn't her first time in Singapore. I was wrong, we found ourselves struggling in the streets of Singapore. Aaahh LOST tourists!! You could imagine our faces! hahaha. But of course that didn't stop us from making memories. Getting lost wasn't that bad after all. Anyway, here are some of the photos we had that day. We only have few photos for this entry so let me squeeze in my outfit shots here as well. ENJOY!

_______Outfit of the Day_______
Top: Gift from mama
Skirt: Key Two Int’l
Shoes: Qilizu
Bag: Bazaar
My sister on a train ride to church :)
And this is where we got lost! Imagine we walked for about an hour on the streets of Singapore!! What an adventure!
But, getting lost isnt that bad at all especially if you have passed by this unique structure. We stopped by to have some picture taking, hehe. I think its a restaurant but looks like a Chinese temple. 
Finally, arrived at the Church.
Unfortunately, we missed the service. *sigh.
So what we did is just took photos hahaha as a proof that we really went to church!
And we bade goodbye! We are happy though that we reached the Church. Next time, we wont be lost again. That's for sure.
 I hope you guys enjoyed this post.. :)

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