Touch of Pink

Friday, September 20, 2013

photos by: Pao Salandanan
BACK TO BLOGGING. Alright, I’m finally back! Nov 7 when I received my items from Mart of China; I was so excited and happy because I thought my Christmas present came too early. But then on the next day, Nov 8, the strongest typhoon in the world came across our country---Philippines--- and wiped out almost all parts of Visayas region which is where my province is. Our area looks like a ghost town right now because the houses were destroyed including the crops and trees. Our house was destroyed too but I am happy and thankful that my family were safe. What happened was sad and traumatic but there will always be hope. All we need to do is to pick ourselves up, move on and start another chapter of our lives. I salute all those different countries who lend help to our country and I salute all those survivors who stood up and continue to strive despite of the damage that Typhoon Haiyan has brought us.

Anyway, I finally had a chance to shoot these lovely items that Mart of China sent me---a pair of pink heels and a blazer. If you want to grab one of these, just go to  They got everything you want and need. I swear! Anyhoo, I paired it with some items that I got from my recent trip in Hong Kong. I don’t have much to say about this outfit. I just love it! Let the photos do the talking. ENJOY!

_______Outfit of the Day_______
Top: Max (from HK)
Blazer: Mart of China
Legging: DKNY Jeans
Bag: Prada (from HK)
Sunnies: I forgot the brand but my babe got it for me J

PS: here are some of the photos of the remains of our house after the typhoon. Please continue to pray for those who are affected in different parts of the Philippines.

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  1. whoa! nice outfit..good mix and maching!

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