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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

SINGAPORE'S SUPER TREES. When in Singapore, never ever miss a visit at the Gardens by the Bay. You will miss half of your life! hahaha. On the third day of my Singapore adventure, my Sister and I went to the heart of Singapore's tourism pride. Here, you could see all of Singapore's major landmarks like the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Flyer, Merlion Park, The Esplanade and of course the Supertrees Grove! Singapore is such a small country but they are very rich and was listed as a third world country because of these high-end developments and world class tourist attractions. As an architecture student, it was a dream come true for
me to see all these iconic architectures in person. The beauty of the place is beyond spectacular! Every time I turn my eyes on every direction, I was in awe with the grandeur of its architecture and amazing landscapes. I could not even put into words how beautiful it is, so let me just show you some photos we had during our trip. Although, these photos could not even give justice to how beautiful it is but at least I could give you sneak peek. So that one day, you too could visit and see how grand the place is. Here we go.....

Going to the Marina Bay, we took the MRT and alighted at the Marina Bay station then took exit B going to the Gardens by the Bay.
On our way out, we took an underpass and see how beautiful it is. Underpasses are commonly boring and sometime dark and scary but this one, is just something really unique and welcoming. There are large nature patterned panels alternately incorporated with large spans of mirrors which makes the underpass look even wider. We cant just leave without having a photo!
 From the underpass, you have to take a lift to get to the 1st level where the Garden is.
Viola! Giant trees greeted us as we alighted from the elevator. When exploring the Gardens by the Bay, you could either ride the Garden cruiser or walk. You have to pay 5$ if you go for a grand cruiser ride but we prefer to walk so we could have a close encounter and high definition view of the key attractions within the Garden.
Gardens by the Bay is just across the Marina Bay Sands and they have provide a link bridge from the hotel going to the garden which also served as an observation area for the tourists. The bridge is called the Lion Bridge, where you could enjoy a 360 degrees view of the super trees, the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest, Singapore flyer, and the Marina Bay Sands. Sorry about the excessive photos of me, hahaha I was just super happy and in love with the view. I cant just stop taking photos! hahaha.
Gardens by the Bay is part of Singapore's strategy of transforming a "Garden City" to "City in a Garden" with the aim of raising the quality of life by enhancing the greenery and flora in the city. Here you could see the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest from afar with the luscious landscapes surrounding it.
On the left side of the Lion bridge, you could see the stunning Singapore Flyer! Unfortunately, we were not able to visit and take a ride during our trip since we only have 3 days to explore Singapore! Hence, I have more reason to come back soon! haha. Here's me, grabbing the giant Ferris wheel with my bare hands! Hohoho I'm a super woman! Oopz.. the first photo though was an epic fail, hahahaha! My sister seemed not to understand what I was telling her in taking these photos. LOL
Here's another attempt of us both. PERFECT! ahahaha,, Fun memories--- makes me miss Singapore even more! huhu
Now, its time to have a closer look with these super dooper giant trees! Here I am at the butterfly bridge entrance. It will lead you to various parts of the Garden. But our first stop would be the Supertree Grove!
And here we are! Oopss spot the kissing couple. Hahaha, I haven't noticed them until I get to transfer my photos to my laptop. Anyway, forget about them, LOL. These super trees are 25 to 50 meters high, as high as a 16 storey building. They are monumental! I felt so small! 
The experience isn't complete without a personal and super close encounter with these wonders! So we bought a ticket for the OCBC Skyway. You could purchase your ticket at the ticketing booth just at the foot of the Supertrees. It costs 5$ which is already a really really good deal. Although, the operation is subjected to permittable weather only. So make sure to check the weather first if you plan to visit. It is open from 9 AM until 9 PM.
From the top, you could again see the Flower Dome and the Singapore Flyer. The weather was really good during our visit so we enjoyed every bit of the view.
The OCBC Skyway is a canopy walk that connects two Supertrees passing through the other trees. From the canopy walk, you will have a 360 degrees view of the Garden which is really really breathe-taking! 
The bridge is made of steel and is only supported by steel cables attached to the trees, so it sways or moves from time to time especially when someone runs through the bridge. Hahaha, I love scaring my sister because she's afraid of heights and I was running and jumping around. I'm afraid of heights too, but it's seasonal! LOL, I don't know why! With these view, scary thoughts becomes happy thoughts!
Hello, Marina Bay Sands!!
These Supertrees reminds me of my design concept in our school project---"A shade by day, a light by night", although my design doesn't look like this but the idea is quiet similar. These trees collects solar energy during the day and it also collects water during rainy days! Solar energy collected is used to light up the tree at night and the water collected when it rains, goes to the parks' fountain and is used for watering the plants. Talk about green architecture---ahh indeed a dream come true for a future architect like me. 
The tallest of all trees is this 50 meter high tree at the heart of the grove. On top, it has a Supertree-top Bistro where you could enjoy dining in a 360 degrees grand view of the Garden, overlooking number of Singapore's iconic structures. I wonder how it looks like during the night. Ahh.. another "must-try" for my bucket list. Singapore, can't wait to be back!
 And, the OCBC skywalk journey has ended. Hahaha, my sister was confused because of that two arrows pointing on either ways. She can't find her way for 5 seconds! Hahaha, even I was thinking of just crossing over the fence. ahhh, unforgettably funny memories---this is what I love most about travelling and trying out something new. (^-^)
Our next stop was the Conservatories. Although we chose not to enter the domes anymore because we still need to catch up with our Sentosa tour that day. On my next Singapore visit, I'll never miss this---bucket-listed! We just had a quick peek of the place and rest for a while from the super tiring walk. Imagine, Gardens by the Bay is 101 hectares wide! My legs and skin were sore because of the intense heat and speed walking.
The Conservatories is comprised by two cooled conservatories which is the Flower Dome (the lower one) and the Cloud Forest (the taller one). It won the "World Building of the Year" during the World Architecture Festival in 2012. It was designed by Wilkinson Eyre Architects, a leading architectural practices based in London. the design intends to provide an energy efficient showcase of sustainable building technologies and to provide an all-weather edutainment space. 
Love this stolen photo of my sister. So candid!--- but she always gets angry every time I took stolen photos of herself. Hahaha
 My dress compliments with the photo board behind me, hehehe.
 Here's the entrance going inside the Cloud Forest, overlooking from the visitors lounge we hanged in.
Since the domes are made of clear glass, you could still see from the outside what's inside. The photo above is the interior garden of the Cloud forest. It has a super tall water falls at the center and oh, spot the hot-air balloon! The cloud forest exhibits lush vegetation of mountains and forests while the Flower Dome is a display of thousands of species of flowers. I was not able to take photo of the Flower Dome though.
My sister at the lounge located in between the two conservatories. Here you will have another spectacular view of another side of Singapore.
The Singapore Flyer is now even closer! Next time, next time, I'll visit you! hehe After a few minute rest, we went back to the MRT Station going to the Sentosa Island which I will talk about on the next post, so make sure to come back! :)
After our Sentosa Adventure, we went back to Marina Bay to Visit the Marina Bay Sands. And here's how the garden looks like at night! Spectacular isn't it? 
And we are just in time for the Lights and Sounds show of the Supertrees! I enjoyed the show. The color of the trees changes along with the music! It lasted for about 15 minutes, so never miss this too when in Singapore. It usually begins at 8 in the evening. And so, this marks the end of the 5th installment of my #7thblissQuest in Singapore! But don't go forever, more are coming next! (^-^)

 I hope you guys enjoyed this post.. :)

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