Travelogue: Raffles Place, Singapore

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

LAZY BUNNY. Gone for 3 months and finally thought of updating this blog. I was too lazy not because I have nothing to post, in fact, I have loads and loads of backlogs from my recent trips, local and abroad. I missed blogging but I just can't find time to do it since I am already doing my thesis at school. I can't wait to graduate and concentrate with my travel and blog. Last year, was my first time to travel abroad and it entirely captivated my heart. I want to travel more than just to dress up and do outfit shots for this blog. Soon, someday soon I will venture with freedom and wiggle my butt around the globe. That is my ultimate goal in life. And you might not know, this fashion blog will soon evolve into a travel blog. I want to inspire people to travel and explore the world for nothing can compare to the happiness and fulfillment that travelling could offer.

Anyhoo, let me start sharing to you the rest of my adventure in Singapore. I'll tour you around Raffles Place for today's quick post. I would like to apologize for I was not able to capture lots of photos in this place because this was just an unplanned detour that my sister and I had when in Singapore.
Meet my sister at the train station going to Raffles Place. We took the MRT going to Marina Bay and alighted at the Raffles Place Station. Took the Exit A that leads to the One Raffles Place, Clifford Center and the Arcade.
At the exit, we were greeted by this beautiful view. Behind me is the entrance going to their MRT station. Isn't it beautiful? It looks more like a church facade to me. Oh how I wish MRT stations in Manila would look like this too! I would take MRT everyday if it is. Haha. 
Raffles Place is the financial heart of Singapore. No wonder we were greeted by these skyscrapers.Before the Place is called Commercial Square but in 1858, it was changed into Raffles Place. I have read that in this place there used to be a hill but it was excavated and its soil was used in the reclamation of the southern bank of the Singapore River to form the Boat Quay
At Raffles Place, Singapore's  three tallest buildings are to be found --- the Republic Plaza, UOB Plaza One and the One Raffles Place! Each are 280 meters in height. The first building on the left is the One Raffles Place. It consists of two triangular structure with a small space between them. Square and circular designs perforate the buildings facade, etched by a grid pattern of rectangles and window units. Only, it doesn't show in this picture since this is the only decent photo I took of these buildings. At the center, the building with a circular plate on top is the UOB Plaza One. It is consist of 67 floors and was completed in 1992. On the 60th floor, there's a restaurant called the "Si Chuan Dou Hua". While on the basement is a unique Mosque located underground called the "Masjid Moulana Mohd Ali Mosque". I haven't took any photo of it though since we just passed by in this place on our way to Marina Bay.
The third one is the Republic Plaza. According to wikipedia, it was designed to maximize space hence, a simple square form with chamfered corners at the base was adopted as the design of the tower. The tower tapers as it rises, forming some triangular elements to reduce buffeting due to strong winds and improve wind loading.
The central square are park landscapes and different unique sculptures like the photo above. It is like an oasis at the middle of these high-rise buildings. I was actually surprised that greeneries and landscapes would greet us here.
My sister and I enjoyed picture taking on this quick escape. Found this metallic globe at the corner of the street and I love the fish-eye effect on the reflection. Wish I have my own fish-eye lenses!
After a quick escape at the Raffles Place, we went back to the MRT station to go to our main destination that day--- the Gardens by the Bay which I will share to you on the next post. :)

 I hope you guys enjoyed this post.. :)

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