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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

PREPARE, EXPLORE, ENJOY! I would like to share to you on this post few of the things and tips I have discovered from my Singapore travel. If you are planning for a vacation or quick tour in Singapore, here's a list for you. I hope it helps in your decision-making and making your travel one of a kind and unforgettable.


1. Unplanned Itinerary
When traveling, it is always best to go for an unplanned itinerary. Why? Well, of course because of the quality of experience you get! You will never have the same experience when you go for an adventure! But of course you should have to prepare at least a list of places you want to go to but never create an itinerary which includes time and activities you have to do in a day. If you do, you will just end up worrying if you have followed your list or not, if you missed a place or not. As a result, you will end up on a stressful day fulfilling a military task. You will never enjoy!

2. Avoid Travel Agencies and Packages
I prefer booking my own ticket and hotels rather than going for a travel package. Again why? If you go for travel packages, it is more expensive because they get to choose which hotel or restaurant you could go to which usually has partnership with them. They get commission but you don't get discounts. There are a lot of hostels that are cheaper. Those are just small hotels that almost looked like a dorm where you share room with other tourists only you have individual beds/bunks and lockers (with security codes of course!). If you are questioning about security, I suggest you check those hostels that have "trip advisor" badges. 

3. Ask someone you know to tour you around
If you have friends from other countries, you could ask them to be your tour guide. It is very ideal if you have a tight budget. Plus, there will be lesser possibility that you will miss time schedules of the shows in Singapore since they already know the routine in most of those places. 

4. Always remember that Singapore is a "City of Fines"
When I was in Singapore, at the train station, a lady guard came to me telling me, "if you don't want to end up in jail, better keep your bottle inside your bag". Well, that scared me! I know about chewing bubble gums and spitting is not allowed but holding a sealed water bottle at the trains stations? I mean, that's so strict of them but then again, rules are rules. As a tourist, it is important that you have to comply with the country's rules no matter where you are. Always remember to check firsts all those things and activities they prohibits to avoid problems.

5. Bring water anywhere!
Water in Singapore are very expensive! The most expensive bottle I have purchased during my trip was 4 SGD !! You could already buy a meal with your 4 SGD, so better bring with a bottle of water before you leave from your hostel.

6. Wear flat shoes
Well, if you are an explorer like me, never ever wear shoes with heels even wedges! Singapore tour requires a lot of walking because you cannot just take a ride anywhere you want. They have designated bus stops and train stations which requires you to walk to it if you want to take a ride. Also, they have vast parks and attractions which also requires walking. I suggest you also bring umbrella because Singapore is a tropical country as well which means, summer is the most dominant season.

7. Always bring a map with you
Getting lost is fun but not knowing the way home isn't that fun at all. Bringing a map is very helpful especially if you do not have a personal guide. Singapore is such an easy city to explore because of their highly organized zoning and travel system so, you will never get lost. But just in case you did get disoriented, just locate the train stations and always go back there. Make it you reference point.


I hope you enjoy your next travel in Singapore! To end this post, I would like to share to you few of our photos on our last day and departure in Singapore. Have a nice day guys!! Ti'l my next travel post. (^-^)

 I hope you guys enjoyed this post.. :)

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