Travelogue: Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

LIVING ON THE EDGE. Finally my Singapore quest has come to an end and of course, the end deserves the best. For my last series of #7thblissQuest I would like to share to you my experience at the breathe-taking Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Earlier that day, we already visited the place and bought our ticket for the Skypark although it was just quick since we were catching up with our Sentosa tour. At around 7 PM we returned to see Singapore's spectacular skyline at the Hotel's Skypark. It was awesome! Here let these photos tell the story.......

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel during daytime. It stunningly stand proud! What a genius architecture! It was developed by Las Vegas Sands (LVS) and is known as world's most expensive stand-alone casino property. 
And this is how the hotel's interiors look like during the day. Although these photos did not even give justice to how beautiful it is.
Aside from the hotel and Skypark, there are also other attractions that is within the area like the Art Museum, Mastercard Theaters and of course Shoppes!
And here's me, at the lobby! Love the interiors! Everything is luxury and class! Oh by the way, you could buy your Skypark ticket at the far end part of the hotel. It is quite difficult to spot so I recommend you ask assistance from the security guards. The ticket costs 25 SGD and is only valid for 1 entry. If you plan to go down and just comeback later, it is not allowed. You will have to purchase another ticket for you to go up again at the Skypark.
At night, the place is more beautiful and is really really magical with all these lights and colors. The hotel room's lights looked very dramatic from the outside. It gives texture and dynamism to the whole architecture perspective. Just stunning! I can't even!
Add to that this stunning view of the Singapore Flyer. The city light makes it look more dramatic.
Welcome to the hotel's interior! Its even more stunning at night. That's my sister posing at the golden sculpture. There are more golden exhibits later on at the photos below.
Oooh.,.very intricate miniature of the Marina Bay Sands showing the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, the Shoppes, the Art Museum etc. Wish I could also accomplish a scale model as beautiful as this on my on going architectural thesis project. You could find this at the entrance going up to the Skypark. And they also have photo-booths there near the elevator which of course with a fee. 
The Skypark is located at the 56th floor of the hotel thus giving you a 360 degrees view of the entire city. And these sparkling colors of fireworks greeted us. Fireworks + city line as the backdrop = PERFECT!
Oopsie doopsie! We're on the 56th floor and yet these railings are made of glass! I am afraid of heights but I have to do this. If you'll see my sister, she's even more scared than I am LOL. She's shaking and couldn't even stand near the edge. HAHAHA she goes "I'll just sit here, I'll just sit here". She's so funny! 
Singapore Flyer from the top!
The conservatories: Flower Dome and Cloud Forest from the top!
(sorry about the blurry photo) The Supertree Groove from the top. See more photos HERE.
The Esplanade from the top!
The Art Museum from the top!
Singapore's Sports Hub from the top!
The Louis Vuitton from the top!
The Fullerton Hotel from the top!
Welcome to the famous Marina Sands infinity pool! It looked very romantic at night! Spot those couples on the photos above---perfect for couples! I would like to try swimming here, maybe next time in a more relaxed Singapore adventure. Oh by the way, only a few could enter this place so if you are planning to visit, make sure to buy your ticket ahead because they only have limited slots for this tour. And one more thing, visitors are not allowed to swim, only hotel costumers.
I am heart broken,  coz I am not allowed to play at the pool. hahaha! So my sister and I ended up sitting at this corner. aaawww hahahaaha

Opposite the pool, you could find beach beds overlooking the other side of Singapore's skyline--a more serene one. There are also private pockets on this corner for self reflection and peace.
They also have restaurants and cafes opposite to the pool.
If you are looking for a place for fine dining, they also have this restaurant adjacent to the pool called the "Sky on 57".
And so I bade goodbye! (-.-)
When we went down from the Skypark, we passed by the lobby and saw these golden exhibits although i do not know what these are. :( But it certainly is beautiful and shinning!
And this is where my Singapore's journey ends! Till' next time! I can't wait to be back and visit those places I've missed. Thank you guys for being with me in this journey! I hope and pray that you too could visit! 

 I hope you guys enjoyed this post.. :)

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