Happy Birthday, Sister in Crime

Friday, April 18, 2014

HAPPY BURPDAY ATTORNEY FUTURE ATTORNEY!! Since today is your special day, I dedicate this post especially for you! Hihi. I know I am not the sweetest when it comes to surprises but I want you to feel how special you are to me and our family. Happy Birthday to you!! Thank you for all the fun times we shared together. We laugh like villains (esp. sa epbe kag sa kun diin man makatambay, haha) goof around like kids and share silly jokes. You never fail to put smile on people's face when you are around. Thank you also for being my partner in
crime and my modeling buddy(haha sister bonding: photoshoot! model modelan gid ta ya ever!) Thank you for being my excellent photographer for my outfit shots when we travel. (haha syempre indi ka man mag paperdi ma photoshoot ka man!) We have shared so many fun moments together, which I will always remember. I wish you a year with loads of fun, excitement, beautiful memories, more travel (syempre pa updon moko!!!) and more drama series to watch! haha #criminds #cumberbitches #sherlockholmes
With this another year journey of yours, I wish you will gain more opportunities and greater success. May God will pour His love and warmth on you, in all walks of life. Each day you will learn new things, each phase is like life's new beginnings. Sometimes you get chances, sometimes you choose, but always remember we are  here for you no matter what. May God will continue to bless you in your studies and goals in life. I know that being a law student is not easy, you are always facing complicated cases day by day, (kita ko daan sa epbe mga emoterang prag mo nga posts, haha) but today, relax and be happy from all the work you play. We are very grateful that you don’t condemn many innocents. (hakhakhak,  wala connect, syempre gin google ko lang na)  Happy Happy Birthday to the meanest mean girl of all, my half korean, half restaurant and prettiest sister! I love you 5evah!!! Enjoy your faces below before I change my mind and delete it! -.-

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