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Monday, April 28, 2014

photos by Pao Salandanan
COFFEE AND SWEETS. People tend to find places for interaction and a place where they could share comfortable small talks that's why cafes are becoming a trend nowadays. It is known as a place where information can be exchanged. A cafe is actually a type of restaurant. The only difference is that, it only serves coffee and snacks. Cafe is a french word for coffee hence, the name! Originally, cafes only serves coffee but as time develops and due to market increase, cafe owners has to create something new but original to their cafes for it to be noticeable and unique among gazillion new cafes in the market. Anyhoo, last Wednesday, we were invited to have a try to one of the newest cafes here in the Metro--the myKaffe Bakeshop. So now, allow me to share our experience. And I hope I could encourage you to come and try too.
Review of myKaffe Bakeshop 
MyKaffe Bakeshop is located at #88 4th Ave, Cor P. Sevilla St. Caloocan City. To go there, you could take LRT-1 and alight at 5th avenue station. From there, look for 4th ave street. Ask the locals or security guards to be sure.  When you are already at the 4th ave, look for Sevilla St. You could take the 7-eleven as your landmark. Across 7-Eleven, you will find this charming cafe.
Meet the owner (in white)-- Ma'am Abeth Co together with Ma'am Kathy Kenny Ngo (organizer of the food tasting). When I interviewed her, I learned few things about her cafe. She doesn't have any baking degree or diploma but out of her love with baking, she started to establish her own cafe/bakeshop last year, September 12, 2013. The cafe was named after her daughter, Myka, thus the name myKaffe.
Ma'am Cherry Ricalde and Ma'am Ken
When you enter the place, you will be greeted by cutesy details like their colorful menu board and walls.
This pretty lady greeted us at the counter and took our orders nicely. Her name is dindin? I think.. sorry I forgot hihi
yes please, another coffee! tehee
At the corner, you will find this cupcake Ferris wheel which by far the cutest detail inside the cafe.
Colorful corner! Love the flower-patterned pillows. It adds more life to the interiors. I wonder though, why it is kept at the inner part of the room. 
We sat at this cozy corner. They have couches also but its way to huge for small talks. Plus, when I usually go to cafes, I don't feel comfortable sharing seats with strangers. I mean, cafes is a place for meetings and small/private talks not a fast food restaurant which you could just sit next to other costumers. I'm not complaining about the couch though, I love sitting on comfortable couches.

myKaffe serves varieties of snacks you could choose from, depending on what you love to pair with your coffee or drink. They have cupcakes, bread, lollipops, cookies, etc. Here's what we have tried on our visit.
Tiramisu, Cookies n' cream, Salted Caramel, and Chocnut! These are the first doze of sweetness served to us. 
The first one I tried was the Cookies n' cream (54 PHP) because it looked pretty and different among four. It tastes good. I actually finished it all thinking I could finish everything on the plate! But oh boy, na umay ako! The taste though, tastes ordinary. The bread is dense and chock-full, not fluffy and soft like the typical cupcake. I don't know if its a bad thing or a good thing coz I am neither a baker nor a business woman, but on my humble opinion, cupcakes like these are good for one sitting. You will feel stuffed after eating just one cupcake which averts your crave from ordering another flavor or order.
Next I tried was the tiramisu (63 PHP), salted caramel (58 PHP) and chocnut (55 PHP) respectively. Among all, tiramisu is my favorite. Tastes pungy at first maybe because of the Mascarpone cheese on top but once it melts in your mouth, it tastes heavenly! Yes, I am a fan of cheeses!! (even dreamed of traveling to Switzerland just because of cheese!) I also love the salted caramel combo. Salty and sweet taste bursts in your mouth, I tell you. And my least favorite was the chocnut. It tastes like a real chocnut! Reminds me of the candy bar I used to eat when I was a kid. I hate how it taste though, I don't even eat peanut butter! (okay, call me weird!) If you love chocnut, this one is for you! (Kuhang kuha yung flavor!)
Another fave was the Brazo de Mercedes! I never thought it could be served as a cupcake too! Its not so sweet unlike other cakes--just the right amount of sugar, not too harsh for the throat. One thing I love about it is the lemony taste of the custard filling at the center. The taste compliments perfectly with the lightness of the soft meringue. Easy to eat!
Lastly, the carrot cupcake! Compared to the cupcakes I have presented and tasted above, this one is soft and less stuffed! The topping is creamy and plain while the bread is bursting with texture. It has walnut in it which I love to chew. I enjoyed every bite!
Also, we got this red velvet cupcake for takeout! Although I haven't tasted it. According to Pao (my love, and my photographer) it tastes ordinary but not bad. 
Aside from cupcakes, we tried their cream cheese cake too. It sure tastes sweet, but it is easy to swallow, not a sore to the throat. If only our poor tummy has more room for these, we could have finished it all. Were already stuffed though, so we just add it to our take out.
After cupcakes and cakes, we had cookies! The chocolate chip and the oatmeal cranberry (18 PHP) ! They taste sooo good! Especially the oatmeal cranberry! Its very chewy and yummy---a perfect partner to your coffee. I personally prefer this over those cupcakes. This is my ULTIMATE FAVE from the myKaffe Bakeshop. It is a must try, I tell you. You will never get disappointed.
As I told you, they have varieties of snacks so here we also tried their bread. Luckily they served it in a bite size coz seriously I'm super stuffed already! They served us cone cake and floss pack. The cone cake, tastes like a chiffon cake--soft and sweet. While the floss pack is a sure win! Although I am already full, I finished two slices of it! (Stole it from pao, hihi) It is topped with Rousong- a floss meat used in congees as a topping. It tastes like cheese and hinamay na chicken! I actually don't get it, haha but it sure did taste really great!

Of course, we couldn't miss the drinks! There are actually a long list of drinks so we were asked to choose one. They have the hot and cold drinks so we were allowed to try one of the cold and one of the hot drinks too. Here's what we got:
I choose to try the Almond Orgeat (140 PHP) but was quite disappointed because it tastes bland. It is the most expensive too among other drinks so I think the value is a disappointment too. As the name suggests, it has almond which tastes nutty but other than that, there's nothing more special. I think it lacks sweetness and creaminess. 
Pao ordered for himself a doze of Mocha Mint (120 PHP) and I stole it from him, hahaha. I prefer this one over the almond orgeat. Mocha mint is creamy and minty. I love it!
My friend Justin, got this iced coffee amaretto (120 PHP) for his cold drink. I was surprised and intrigued when I saw it because it looked different among what we have ordered. It was black and has a chocolate ice cream on top. However, I don't know how it taste! But I have read from Justin's review that it was not satisfying.
As for our hot drink, Pao and I tried the Caramel Mochiatto (88 PHP). Were supposed to order two but I was already full--really! I can't breathe! lol #piggymode. The caramel mocchiato taste perfectly creamy!--one more cup pleaasee! (^-^) I seriously need this to keep me alive with my architectural thesis late night date! tehhee.,, Im a sucker for coffees and this has to be my fave among the drinks I tasted at myKaffe Bakeshop. I suggest you try it when you get a chance to visit. 

The place is quite hard to access since it is located in somewhat secluded area of Caloocan. As an architecture student, I find the interiors playful because of the colors inside but lacks proper arrangement and beautification. Plus, the furniture are too bulky. Huge furniture occupies larger spaces which leaves minimal circulation space for users. Also, the view outside the street is a chaos to the eyes -- not a relaxing view! The interiors has to be treated I guess, according to these considerations.

The crews are nice but very silent and not too lively. I guess the shop needs additional crew too because when I went to the counter to ask for tissue, they are a bit busy preparing something at the back and the counter was left deserted. No one was entertaining me for my request. Also, I noticed that the lady at the counter was also the one serving us our food and was also the one cleaning the tables.

The food is delicious but not all. There are few that tastes ordinary--nothing special. But there are also foods that tickled my crave. About the drinks, I haven't tasted all but I find the hot coffee good. The frappes were just okay. I guess the flavor has to be improved because some frappes tastes bland. I love the cups though, I find it cute and creative.

The prices are reasonable if you consider the ingredient, but if you consider the taste, I guess it is not that close to its price. The drink I ordered was the most expensive drink on the menu maybe because of the almond in it, yet I was not satisfied with the taste so I think the value I payed is not worth it (lucky it was free, when we visit). Aside from that, I think the cupcakes, cakes, bread and cookies' price are reasonable enough.

myKafee Bakeshop also accepts personalized orders. Contact them at 0920-913-7730 // 0943-480-1934 // tel: 02-5797940 . You can also find them on facebook: click here.

Disclaimer: Although the foods were provided for free, the reviews found on this blog are truthful and honest opinions, not advertisements. We are not obligated or encouraged in any way to only provide positive reviews. 

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