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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

photo by Bong Fallurin
FUN-SHOOT WITH NSI PHOTOGRAPHERS. Just couple of weeks ago, I went home to my province (Iloilo) to have a break from school. During my two weeks stay there, I had a chance to have a fun-shoot with few of Iloilo's Nikon group of photographers. Me and my sister act as models of the day haha. So here, on this post, I would like to share few photos from our fun-shoot. I have collected photos from 3 NSI photographers which I will introduce to you later on this post. First, let us get acquainted and be informed of what NSI is.

NSI or Nikon Society of Iloilo is a group of Nikon Users in Iloilo. They are a society of Ilonggo artist and photographers specializing in Nikon Cameras and Lenses. According to their group description and history,
"I Am NSI (Nikon Society of Iloilo) started as a Facebook Group on November 13, 2012 by Jhureen T. Gabalunos. It was an avenue for sharing of ideas on how to use Nikon Cameras as well as image appreciation for photos taken by Nikon Camera. The group grew in followers especially those of avid Nikon users. On June 9, 2013, the Facebook members met up for the first time at ACSI College Iloilo to discuss the formation of a formal SEC-registered group. The incorporation and by-laws was approved by the body on June 28, 2013. I AM NSI, INC was formally registered as an association with Securities and Exchange Commission on July 1, 2013. NSI is a site for Nikon photographers to share their photos, ideas and artistry promoting Nikon and showcasing the beauty of Iloilo and its people."
 Their mission is "To build a strong society of Ilonggo Nikon users for artistry and photography to promote Iloilo City and the beautiful culture of every Ilonggo."

Now that you get to know them, It's time for some sample shots! But before that, lets do first the traditional Outfit of the Day. (^-^)

_________Outfit of the Day_________
Top & Skirt: sponsored by Michelle's Fashion Guide
Sunnies: sponsored by Romwe
Watch: sponsored by Dress Lily
Shoes: Fioni

PHOTOGRAPHER: Jhureen T. Gabalunos
Sir Jhureen T. Gabalunos is the founder of NSI (Nikon Society of Iloilo). He has photography page which you could contact him for business, photo-shoots, events and projects. To contact him CLICK HERE. You could also see more of his photography works on his facebook page: JTG FotograpiyaBelow is his shots from our fun-shoot. Enjoy!

PHOTOGRAPHER: Vincent Valencia
Sir Vincent Valencia is the treasurer of NSI (Nikon Society of Iloilo). For business, photo-shoots, events and projects, you can contact him through his personal facebook account. Just CLICK HERE. Below is his shots from our fun-shoot. Enjoy!

Bong Fallurin is a member of NSI (Nikon Society of Iloilo). I have already featured some of his shots here on this blog (click here to read about it). For business, photo-shoots, events and projects, you can contact him through his personal facebook account. Just CLICK HERE. Below is his shots from our fun-shoot. Enjoy!

Here's two photos with the photographers.
L-R: Sir Steven Poral, Sir Jhureen Gabalunos, Sir Bong Fallurin, Me, April Joy (my sister)
L-R: Sir Steven Poral with his kid, Sir Bong Fallurin, Me, Sir Vincent Valencia, April Joy (my sister)
So, what do you think of these shots guys? Which one is your favorite? I hope you enjoyed this entry.

 PS: I did not include other photos here coz it might consume the whole page so if you want to see more photos from this fun-shoot, just head to Seventh Bliss Facebook Page.

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