Wednesday, April 23, 2014

DAY-OUT IN ILOILO. As I have mentioned on my previous post, I've been to Iloilo for a short vacation and thesis works. When I arrived, my first agenda was to go to the Esplanade-Iloilo's newest development, haha. Yes! it's my first time to visit the place even though I have already been to the city many times. This time though, I stayed at my sister's dormitory in the city so I had all the time and reason to explore some new places in the city.
The weather was too hot so i decided to wear this top from H&M and pair it with my laced shorts which I got from HongKong. Yes, its a laced shorts, although it might be unnoticeable on the photos.  I am also wearing my new watch from DressLily and sunnies from Robinsons accessories (a gift from my babe). Anyhoo, I am actually running out of words coz I'm too sleepy already so I'll just leave you with these photos. Although I would like to apologize for some overexposed photos taken by my super expert photographer of the day (hahaha), none other than my sister! weeeee... Warning: Some "kagulo" and annoying photos ahead. Forgive me, I just love to goof around whenever I travel. Good night Good morning guys! zzzzzzzzz
_______Outfit of the Day_______
Top: H&M
Shorts: HongKong brand
Belt: from HongKong
Hat: Thrifted (borrowed from sistah)
Sunnies: Robinsons accessories
Shoes: Qilizu
Wallet: Michael Kors
Watch: DressLily
spot the not!! I pee-ed there!! Just Kidding! ahaha
I hope you guys enjoyed this post.
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