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Sunday, May 11, 2014

photos by Pao Salandanan
Review of Kessaku Japanese Restaurant in Alabang
I was a bit busy lately with my thesis at school and has been thinking of a quick break from those stressful school works. Luckily, we received an invite from Ma'am Kathy Kenny last Monday for a bloggers night in a Japanese restaurant--talk about perfect timing! Plus, it's already been a while since Pao and I last ate in a Japanese restaurant even though his Tita owns one. 
Kessaku is a Japanese restaurant located in The Commerce Center in Alabang. They started operating last October 2013 and since then, they have already satisfied hungry tummies of not just ordinary diners but famous celebrities too like Aga Mulach and Charlene Gonzales! It is owned by proudly pinoy foodies who loves Japanese cuisine! Yes, they don't have any Japanese blood, just a bunch of awesome friends who travels from country to country--- and combined their experience and ideas to establish a Japanese restaurant with a Filipino taste. How to get there? You could either take a private vehicle or walk or take FX from South Station that passes there. 
As an architecture student, I always look into the architecture and interiors of every place I went to. Though this article is about food review, I would still like to include the ambiance of the place coz, literally when you go to a fine restaurant you want to dine in a beautiful place right?
Well, Kessaku didn't disappoint me. They have great interiors. It looks modern and minimalist to me using those simple lines on the walls and and furniture. Nothing really curvy or intricate details, just pure simplicity and play of lights. On the other hand, I have noticed that though it is a Japanese restaurant, I haven't seen any Japanese details on it except maybe for their plates. I don't really know whats the reason behind why they chose to have this theme for interiors but I find it cozy and relaxing.
 The restaurant actually has a mezzanine and this is how it looks like from up here.

Now on to the food! ready? but before anything else lets have a drink first. HAHA. We were privileged to choose our own drink from the menu and since Pao and I were into this event together, I got to taste two! yay!. Pao ordered for their Green Mango shake and Dalandan shake for me. It was my first time to try Dalandan shake and i wasn't disappointed. It tastes really good. You should try it too.
First on our table was this complementary appetizer. Yum! Patikim palang yan, haha They served us all in all more than 10 dishes and you could imagine how full we are that night. Here's what they generously served us.

DISH #1: Sake Sashimi
Oooh.. we love sashimi! It taste fresh and yummy! Sake is actually made of fresh salmon and not just your typical salmon but a Norwegian salmon! It is bursting with flavor especially if you add a little squeeze of lemon and dip it in a soy sauce with Wasabe. But just a squeeze of lime is enough for me.

DISH #2: Ushi Ebi Sunburst Salad
Sunburst salad---it truly is bursting with flavor. It tastes sweet, lemony, salty, crunchy--- i cant even explain! The ingredients are seasoned prawn, apple, strawberry, blueberry, almond,orange, and hatchimitsu balsamic vinaigrette! Just imagine how all of those flavors mixed together---this is the best salad I tasted so far! I was actually the one who finished it. haha!

DISH #3: California Maki
This is not your ordinary maki, i tell you. I have tasted a lot of makis but this one is just a notch more delicious from what i have tried by far. It is topped with crab (i guess) and that black something on top. I'm sure they did explained it but i forgot! (huhuhu bad bad blogger). All I remember was how good it tastes!

DISH #4: Tiger Roll
RAAWWR!! Is this made of tiger or something? LOL.,., I wonder why is it called the "tiger roll", maybe because of the tiger prawns used in it? Anyhoo, it tastes equally good with the california maki. The best part about it is the soft texture of avocado stuffed in it and the crunchiness of the crushed tempura on the outside compliments very well. It is literally a contrasting burst of textures!

DISH #5: Unagi Maki
This Unagi maki is one of their original creations which means, you cannot find it in other restaurants. It is made of Japanese conger eel. I never thought it could be used on sushi, seriously! The taste is so good.

DISH #6: Spider Roll
 Don't worry, it doesnt have any spiders on it. haha. This dish is a combination of soft and crunchy texture which you will surely enjoy to munch. The presentation looks unique because it was cut in slant and is arranged according to size. The largest cut has this soft shell crab on the top which is actually a bit crunchy. It goes perfectly with the soft rice rolls.

DISH #7: Symphony
Wooah!!---that's my reaction when they served this dish on our table. This has to be the largest sushi I've seen by far. With this sushi this big, how are we going to eat it? That's literally everybody's questioning eyes were telling. I mean, how do we carry it with a chopsticks? LOL... We absolutely need a spoon on this one. Symphony is made of fried Japanese rice topped with spicy tuna, salmon and crab sticks. 

DISH #8: Sukiyaki
Yes, sure this is a Japanese restaurant but the flavors were intricately tuned to a Filipino taste. This sukiyaki is just one good example. Since Pao and I loves to eat in a Japanese restaurant plus his Tita owns one, we kind of tasted already every authentic Japanese recipe. And one thing we have noticed about Japanese recipes, it tastes bland especially their soup and noodles but Kessaku has captured a whole new level of Japanese cuisine with a Filipino twist. This sukiyaki is stunningly tasty. I could take it home seriously.

DISH #9: Chicken Yakitori
Chicken Yakitori tastes like an ordinary grilled chicken to me. I  don't know why but I think that is because I've been eating chicken my whole life! Gah... I'm beginning to hate chicken seriously! But I think what makes this dish stand-out is its sauce. 

DISH #10: Shishamo
Shishamo is actually a Japanese smelt fish. Are you familiar with smelt roe? The orange fish eggs that you usually see on top of sushis? Well, it comes from this fish. They were like preggy fish with its entire body stuffed with eggs! But the taste tho, tastes like dilis or anchovy. I prefer eating its eggs rather than the whole fish. It tastes really salty which I don't like.

DISH #11: Angus Prime Cha Han
 I'm already full when we reached to this dish---like seriously, its our 11th dish! I was not able to taste it very well but all I remember was, it tastes like Chao fan. 

DISH #12: Tempura
This is their signature dish. They claim to have the best tempura and I wasn't disappointed. If you get to try this one, every tempura you will try after will be based on this standard. And it surely has set a new standard to my tempura experience. Plus, they let us try dipping it in a lime juice with volcanic salt and it was sooo good! The texture, the taste is perfect.It is bursting with flavors!

DISH #13: Mixed Kamameshi
This is another rice dish similar with the Angus Prime, the only difference is that it is topped with blanched veggies and shrimp I guess. It taste fresh and crunchy although this too I haven't really tasted well coz I'm really really full.

DISH #14: Pork Steak? (I'm not sure, I don't eat pork)
I haven't tried this last two dish because I don't eat pork and oysters so, I leave it for others to taste. We just took pictures for you to have an idea how it looks like. (^-^)

DISH #14: Kaikage Teppan
Hurrah!! At last we're down to the final dish. The last dish is made of oysters.This one too I haven't tasted so I think I must visit and taste it yourself, hihi. 
I seriously can't breathe anymore! I'm sooo full. Thanks to Ma'am Kathy Kenny Ngo and  Kessaku Alabang for this sumptuous Japanese diner and tummy-full bloggers night! We truly enjoy the food and the services. I will surely come back! 
group photo with the owners (^-^)
For more information,you can contact Kessaku through their telephone number: (02) 403 3445 // email: // facebook: Kessaku Alabang facebook page // instagram: @kessakualabang

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