Meet & Greet: Meeting FILA's Stars!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

FILA meet and greet with big stars in sports and showbiz was a success last weekend. It was held in FILA stores in Glorietta and MOA. The Philippine pride--- The Philippine Volcanoes was there with their whole team together with Fabio Ide. Few other stars were also present last Saturday like Tessa Prieto Valdez and the newest endorser of FILA ---Michael Martinez. The crowed was overwhelming that we were so crowded inside the venue. The fans are giddy and was so excited to have their fan signs which was willingly signed by their Idols. There are picture taking everywhere! Selfie, here and there. It was indeed a fun-filled day with the FILA royalties.
I myself is thankful for FILA for giving us this chance to have a closer encounter with these stars that I used to see just in the Televisions and newspapers. They are all nice and is always smiling and ever ready to entertain their fans. They were even game playing selfie and wacky pose with their fans. With their success in life, I am truly amazed that they were still down to earth and acts like a regular people. During the event, we saw them chatting, cracking jokes, calling names, etc. like they were just like us, the regular people. There was even a member of Volcano named Paulo that called me "Spicy" instead of "Shiny" because he forgot my name and it gave us a good laugh when he tries to remeber my name but with no luck. All in all, I enjoyed the day even if it was just short and quick since I have to leave to do my thesis works for our final week at school. Anyway, here are some of the photos I took during the event. If you happen to be there, keep scrolling-- you might see your photo here with your idols. (^-^) enjoy!

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