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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Review of Mystic Brew Cafe in Las Piñas. 
Last Thursday, we were invited to try out Mystic Brew Cafe in Las Piñas. Thanks to Ma'am Kathy Kenny, I have discovered another gem in the metro! After school, Pao and I went directly to the venue to catch this food tasting event. Unfortunately, we forgot to bring our camera because we were so in a hurry since we were already late. Of course I panicked, even argued with Pao! Aaah Of all the things, we forgot our precious camera, geez! Luckily I have with me my Xperia, so i would like to apologize for my crappy photos (This is my first time to blog using photos from my phone) for this post but I wish you will enjoy the foods that I am going to introduce to you guys. Here we go...
The Interiors
If you have been following this blog, you already know the drill---we start with the Interiors first! As I have said on my other review posts, as an architecture student, I tend look for restaurants with not only good food but also great ambiance. The look of the place basically affects your mood while eating so, having a well designed interiors is a big plus for me.
As the name of this cafe suggests, the interior is indeed mystical. Just look at those cutesy details, the unicorns, cards, cages. I even saw one corner with magic wands and other quirky stuffs. They have different furniture design which I love, because it adds dynamism and life. Add to that the bright and varied colors of the walls, sofa, and wall decors! It looks very playful and magical.
Even their loo/toilet room is well decorated and is packed with these quirky things which I would surely take home if they only allow me, LOL. Don't miss to check this out if you happen or plan to go there! You'll be amused just as I am. (^-^) 
The Food
First on our menu was this Kamias Shake. It was my first Kamias shake ever--and I was mind blown! I never thought of having a "kamias" as a shake flavor to think that kamias fruit really taste awfully sour! This one tho, really taste good! Furthermore, I find the presentation very creative. Notice that white foam-like at mouth of the glass? Well, that is salt! And notice, they haven't provided any straw because you need to sip it so could taste the saltiness and sourness explosion in your mouth and results into a ambiguously sweet taste! What sorcery is this?? teheee 
 First dish served to us was this soup named "Gayuma" or in english, "spell". It looks weird because of that soaked bread on top but wait til you taste it. It tastes like sakae but with a twists! Its sweet and salty which I love. I prefer this one over the one bellow.
This is Monk's Brew soup. It has meat and pasta in it and looks like a tomato soup paired with bread. If your taste bud likes not-too-sweet food, this one is for you. But for me, it tastes bland and boring. 
 These next two dishes are basically the same. The first one is called "Chalupa-cabra Salad". It has vegies, bread, cheese, etc. It tastes good too, only it is quite hard to eat.
This one is also a "Chalupa-cabra" only in tacos style! Basically, it tastes the same but this one is easier to munch, all you have to do is pick and bite! I love the how the bread tastes! It's gooey and tasty!
 The Meteor Balls! Yes, thats the name, haha! Though, I don't know why is that so! It could have been quirkier if they name this Dragon balls! LOL. This cafe is full of quirky things including the names of their dishes. This dish, tastes light and is soft and easy to chew. What I love about it was the sauce. 
 The Basilisk Bites---hello potter heads! harhar, a.k.a harry potter fans! This dish is basically just a simple cheese sticks but with a twist! The fillings in it is what makes it unique. It is not just merely cheese but they added something creamy in it. I just don't know what it is. But it sure taste good. The kids will especially love this.
 Sausage and Mash with Mystic Glaze is perfect for breakfast! The light taste of mash potato combined with the strong sweet taste of the sausage on top is just perfect! Two contrasting flavor combined but it compliments perfectly! 
 Italian Garlic Banger Pasta was served next. Haven't tasted this well though because the previous dishes were quite strong and tasty so this one, appears as bland to me. Plus, it's quite heavy for my tummy. This could be perfect for lunch or heavy dinner.
 The next dish was a rice dish --- the Chorizo Rice with Adobo Flakes. This too was heavy for the tummy so, I suggest you order this for breakfast. It comes with a vinegar sauce which is perfect for the adobo flakes. The adobo flakes is full of flavors plus, the texture is fun chew.
 After those heavy servings, of course we now move on to the desserts! This is the Dragon Claw although it looks like a dragon fang to me, hihi. Anyhoo, don't be misled by its looks. It is just a plain bread. It has no stuffing in it so don't expect. LOL. It is topped with apple and strawberry and some sugar sprinkles. I suggest you pair this one with a coffee. It would be perfect!
 Another dessert served to us was this yummy Martabak. It is my fave among all dishes! It is originally a dish from Thailand which Mystic Brew brought here. Basically, the bread tastes like pancakes and then the fillings tastes like champorado but with peanuts--and that's the best part! Forget the bread, just serve me with the fillings and I could finish it in less 15 seconds! LOL.
 After desserts, we were asked to choose among four hot drinks and I chose Gingerbread Latte. The flavor is perfect for me, not too sweet and not too bland. I think it has cinnamon in it because it tastes like it.
 For Pao, he ordered for a Rose Vanilla Tea which I tried too. I find it really soothing. I am not fond of drinking teas because i find the flavor taste like grass! eww! But this one tho, I magically liked it!  
For our finale, we had the Butter Brew! Am I in Hogsmeade? harhar-- You'll know what I am talking about if you are one of those potter heads! One of the original recipes that they have in Mystic Brew inspired of course by the harry potter movie. I love the taste! Its like drinking honey mixed in a soda! Don't miss this one. I'm sure you'll enjoy it! 
Look how happy we are with our Butter Brew on the grip! Thanks again to Ma'am Kathy Kenny for this another successful bloggers' night in Mystic Brew! I can't wait to be back! My mission the next time I come back, is to bring our camera and have few outfit shots at their mystical interiors! Teheee,.,. 
How to go to Mystic Brew? 
Mystic Brew Cafe is located at 511 Capitoline Hill St., BF Resort Village, Las Pinas City. To go there, you can take a jeepney from Alabang to Zapote and alight at the Jollibee casimiro. From there, take a tricycle ride to Mystic Brew Cafe. Just tell the driver to drop you at Mystic Brew Cafe near Castillian Village, they already knew where it is. (^-^)
To know more about Mystic Brew, you can visit them through:
Contact Number: (02) 403-5105.

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